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MX5 Club Meet


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Afternoon all!

Me and Tony are orchestrating a Mazda MX5 meet for Saturday May 31st. We'll be starting at around 9:00 at the WIM centre, going on until 3pm.

A catering van is being arranged, all alignments for the 5's on the day will be at a discounted price, this will also apply to all alignments booked on the day (for a later date). We'll have plenty of suspension and tyres in stock for all marques. Although any installations for on the day will need to be booked in advance.

More than anything it's just a chance to all get together, and if any work is needed on anything, a chance for everyone to save a bit of money!

Tony will be announcing it in the main 5 forums over the next week to give everyone ample notice, all are welcome, and i look forward to seeing you all soon!


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Thanks Joe for headlining the meet.


This is the first meet we have held for some years and the entire team are keen to make this as memorable as our past meets...... As Joe said it's a great place for a safe gathering, gain some knowledge and a discount along the way :)

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Right just googled distance so will probably come down night before and book hotel, so any info on nearest one gratefully received and id like to book alignment please, will put new tyres on day before i travel down, unless of course you can do me a deal  :P

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Of course there's no need to book to come along, but because of limited availability on the geometry ramp if you were looking to have your car measured and adjusted on the day, that will have to be booked in advance! We've probably got capacity to set 10-15 cars on the Saturday. 

There's still ample space in the diary for the day. But I can't see it staying like that for long.

For any cars that we don't have a chance to set on the day, the same discount will apply for 5's booked on the day for a later date!


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