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Thank You!

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I would like to extend my sincere thanks to WIM.


I had all manner of handling issues with my Omega. I changed the knackered wishbones, which helped, but it was still not handling right, so I went to WIM today.


PETE did my set up, Tony wasn't around (hope you're ok mate). After checking for play in all the components, Pete noticed that the subframe wasn't straight. He unbolted this and straightened it out, and then set to work on the Geometry - which he said words to the effect of was screwed!


Whilst I've always been totally happy with the outcome of WIM visits, I've made no secret that in the past felt just a tad disappointed that after coming in for a full geo, I've only ever needed the front toe adjusting.


Today, that changed! I lost count of then angles Pete adjusted, front toe, camber, castor, and angles at the rear too. He was happy to talk through what he was doing, and nothing was too much trouble. 


The car is a complete transformation. Apart from a slight tramline on some roads due to my front tyres nearing the end of their life, the car now has gone from handling like a pig, to handling perfectly. This geo was worth every penny and more. Pete did say because he had to do so many angles, I should pop back soon just to check all is well. I will do this when I get the tyres in the next couple of weeks, which I will get WIM to supply. I know he's cured it, though.


Even SWMBO was impressed, to the point she now wants her Chevvy Kalos on a 56 plate to be "Wimmed"! We'll get that booked in, maybe co-incide it with getting my tyres fitted. I'll be in touch within two weeks to get all this ordered and in the diary.


Pete - Massive thanks to you - Tony - Give him a payrise :D


Living 6 miles from WIM is cool - see you soon!!



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Thanks for taking the time to offer feedback.

Pete is very knowledgeable and understands how to apply my revised settings to the Omega. Collectively the chassis is very adjustable other than the fixed Castor position, which has proved to be a problem for the Omega's handling. Moving the subframe solves this issue despite the fact the castor is officially not adjustable :whistle:


For Pete to say the chassis positions were "screwed" then it must have been bad..... Horror of the week material :D

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