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Nissan R34 GTT


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Nice one on the pass!


How is removing the HICAS going to effect how the car drives/handles?


Sounds like you had a good drive there then! :lol: Don't blame you for getting it done earlier next time.

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I removed it on my last Skyline as it had an issue and caused a shimmy at about 120mph which was unsettling the car drove much better afterwards but i did a few other things at the same time


Essentially it's a good system but its complicated , subject to wear and expensive to fix

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Drifting is lame though ;)




Its there to improve high speed stability , and it does a good job , my problem is that the ball joint that sit inside the hub have the rubbers just starting to perish , these joints are £50-£75 each , changing them isnt easy as you need to remove the whole hub and have them pressed out /in , and the rack and rack ends are subject to wear just like conventional steering so i could be swapping parts for a while , a hicas eliminator kit is around £200 and the whole lot (5kg) is removed




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The snow has made for a busy weekend for me, tucked away in the garage


First job was to respray the passenger side door handle , didnt take any before pics but the paint had peeled off in places and it looked really shabby , luckily i managed to mask it up on on the car and sand it back, spray with high build primer and then sand it again before applying the top coat and primer . Looks as good as new now



Next job was to fit the new head unit , I plumbed for a Pioneer DEH-80RS since it had built in bluetooth and the adjust-ability I wanted, plus it was in the sale........bonus


Taking apart the 34's dash isnt the easiest and jap plastics scratch so easily as ive learnt to my cost in the past so its worthwhile masking everything up before your start


Buts its all in and works very well, the phone kit is very clear , sounds awesome for a simple set up






Then I went around and addressed all the stone chips on the car about a dozen in total, I cleaned them up , primed them, gave them two coats of paint , levelling and sanding them with 3000 wet and dry between every stage and finally applying laquer


Then all that was needed to a go over with the rotary to remove the sanding marks








and while I was waiting for the various stages to dry I was putting together my R33 GTR;)


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Lovely day here today so took the opportunity to wash the salt off it


Also added some NISMO (Nissan Motorsport) badges since the car came from the factory with quite a few Nismo options fitted it kinda made sense plus i didnt like the standard Skyline S in the grille and the rear was a bit bare really. Still not really happy with the front end but i'll live with it for a while and see what i can come up with





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Well done; they look good and prompt me to ask a question.


I've got my winter mats in. They are made from some kind of elastomer, fit well and have a turned-up rim so that none of the water and mud from by boots escapes.


They are a pale grey colour to match the upholstery, but they do stain brown from the mud that I trail onto them. It all seems to be on the surface but I can't find any way of getting them clean again. I have tried scrubbing with hot, soapy water and various domestic cleaners. The liquids sold for cleaning car plastics don't seem to touch them.


Any ideas anyone?

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