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what can be adjusted on a 300zx?


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Hey guys. One of my friends has a 300zx TT SWB.. he has just fitted some nice coilovers and some camber adjusters to the car and wants it aligned / geo'd properly.


What can be adjusted on these cars ? And what information would we have to supply to get the necessary information sent to your associate garage in denmead (near Portsmouth)


... he's after a fast road setup and basically wants as Much grip as the tyres and chassis will offer.

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Front and rear toe and rear camber from OEM. They usually need aftermarket rear toe & front and rear camber adjustable arms, if they're lowered more than ~30mm, as the OEM adjusters have a small range. Similar front set-up to Skyline, rear similar to 200SX.


I'd want to see adjustable rear toe and camber arms, front camber arms and tension-rods (castor) as a minimum, if it's on coilovers.

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Hmm ok so reading in to this.. it's going to need a few more bits really.


Anti bump steer

Roll center adjusters

Rear toe arms

Rear camber arms

And front castor

(He has front camber adjusters)


Whilst the parts above are ideal.. can the car be set up for the meantime until he gets the above bits? Or is a simple alignment the only thing he can do?

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