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  1. Wow looks stunning....seen a few pics in evo magazine and a few others....more collectors items me thinks for rich peeps.
  2. HOLLY S*** how close was some of them misses.!!! god must of been looking down on them that day.
  3. WoW some astounding pictures there Mr B....they sayl a thousand words and tell lots stories.!
  4. I was hoping to have you as a co-pilot.
  5. Incedible,stunning and some what humbling pictures there.. i could look at those for hours on end.! It also has an air off fragility about them.? one small planet in a dark,cold galaxy...
  6. That happend to me before BUT without smashing into other cars.... I spun outside work in my 1st Lexus IS200 i had ...rear end went,slid side on into a concrete lampost ( drivers side ).....wrote the car off.! oopppsss.! Its the slow motion off OH S*********************T...
  7. Good way to take all the snow of the cars...
  8. DOH.! Puppies where out in full view again....yum,yum.!
  9. Nigella tonight 8pm.... Bound to have her puppies bouncing around in a negligee....
  10. dazz33

    Got a crack

    I would say road impact BUT the tyre was knackerd also..? BUT could be a defect as it looks like a clean break.?
  11. Looks a right nightmare to replace and fit... Doesnt the Buggati Veyron run on the Michelin PAX system tyres..?
  12. OH YES.!!!!! WOULD YA......? YOU BETCHA.!
  13. WHAT A W****R go and burn his house down.! Hate people like that...!
  14. I know when i had my Lexus IS that the coilpacks used to go in pairs as a rule.....im guessing the ignition system will always find the next weakest one.?
  15. How much are a cheap pair of winter tyres Tony for 175/65/14 .?
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