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  1. Hi mate.. I had one in my old Lexus IS200..gave me slightly better MPG but not really much more oomph....Did sound better than OEM though. The way you clean it is by spraying it with the proper K&N cleaner spray ( think you can buy the K&N cleaner/oil kits on Ebay ) and then run it under cold water..do this a few times and it gets nice and clean then let it air dry..
  2. Does it not have the "kick down" like most of the auto boxes on cars.? That should drop a few gears and help you over take.
  3. My Vectras an Auto Rich..all i do is Press brake pedal select "D" and then go.... If im in long traffic queues then i select "N" neutral If parking up use "P" park And of course "R" reverse Simples. Ive never used 1,2,3 as its a waste of time...BUT....pressing the "S" sport button on top of my gear stick is good for excelerating fast.....
  4. Im guessing its because its coz of the current..might be the first to recieve the current but then over time the filliment gets old and cant handle the initial surge so blows first.??
  5. Never seen a cat do this before...just looking and came accross this video. Please wait a few moments for Video to Load!
  6. I really like the look of that and has serious performance to match,and really love that blue colour
  7. Holly S*************************** Thats mental...how quick was that car though..!!!! Thats serious talent though to keep the car on the road at that speed...amazing
  8. Should be banned full stop.!!!!! A.To save the stupid people having these fitted "Coz it looks cool" and " its a craze" They will end up in a very serious accident.IMHO. B.To help save others on the road who could end up on the wrong end of one of these "stupid idiots" If the car makers wanted these cars to look like this then they would of made them when new...I have no problems with people modifying there cars like this (some look really good) but please keep them to the custom shows or club days out/shows ( fit them when they get there ) .....should be illegal on the road for safteys sake.
  9. Blooming hell.!!!! Love watching weather videos...especially tornados,lightning etc....BUT that was sooooo close.....
  10. New lambo...looks stunning.. http://www.evo.co.uk/videos/planetevovideo...deo_review.html
  11. Thats a fantastic transformation christian..the paint looked to be in a right state on arrival and looked rather ropey..... But wow,great results after your hard work.....brill.
  12. WoW great results there christian.! love the metalic particles in the paint,they look like bits of ash from a bonfire. Stunning motor aswell...one of my favs and would love to own one..! Bet the sound of the car was ace.!
  13. As phipck said....to soon to be thinking like that . ..keep positive mate.
  14. Wow great job....i actually like the look of the superb.....it looks..............superb...
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