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  1. I don't know if you can see the wire sticking out in this zoomed in pic- to the left of his index finger....
  2. 1. Just spectating mate, nothing more. 2. Blagged myself some hospitality - I didn't mention my connections with Ferrari! 3. No idea what caused the flat spot - they were testing different brake shrouds and cooling ducts so it might have been a braking issue or maybe driver error! No idea to be honest - all I saw was what looked like wire wool sticking out of the flat spot. I wasn't supposed to be taking pictures in the garage so paused before reaching for my camera (thinking it would make a great HOTW!!). The pesky Pirelli engineer picked the wheel up ask I snapped the pic! I don't know if you read my write up but they have special weights for the inside to cope with the tight tolerances but the outside weights are the same as a normal road car (or so the Pirelli guy said)...
  3. I am over in Barcelona for the F1 winter testing this weekend. Yesterday I spent the day in the Caterham garage and in the afternoon they were running a race simulation. After one of the pit stops I noticed a rather bad flat spot on one of the front tyres - it was so bad that the wires were poking out from the core! Unfortunately as I went to take a picture the Pirelli engineer put his hand over the area! Full write up here: Link
  4. What car is it off? Here's a picture of the 360 joints - they have a mount top and bottom. Does this make them stronger?
  5. And you questioned me when I told you my TRE's had been replaced after 38,000 miles!
  6. They were all awesome in their own different way. Ferrari and Maserati visits can be booked in advance if you are an owner or know someone at an offical dealer willing to do you a favour. For Pagani and Williams you need to know someone with connections to the company. Sadly, my day job involves making up numbers for a bank. These were strictly pleasure...
  7. I've been lucky enough to recently visit a few supercar factories and also Williams F1. If you're interested, I've updated my blog Aldous Voice: Ferrari Visit Maserati Visit Pagani Visit Pagani 2 Williams F1 Visit
  8. voicey

    Motion Ratio

    Here's a link to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motion_ratio
  9. voicey

    Motion Ratio

    The way I read it is because the shock is mounted on the wishbone closer to the chassis than the hub is. Both are pivoting at the same point - a certain movement of the shock equates to a larger movement of the hub. It's like using a long bar to undo a stubbon nut - the end of the bar moves quite a bit but the actual nut barely turns as it is right at the pivot point. The problem is also compounded by the fact that the shock isn't mounted vertically.
  10. voicey

    Motion Ratio

    I've not come across this before but when searching for info on adjusting the ride height on my 360 I came across the term. Apparently my car has a Motion Ratio (MR) of 0.7. Am I right in thinking that this is the ratio of change in spring height compared to change in wheel height (and thus body height)? So if I wind down the coilover by 10mm the car height will go down by 14.3mm (10/0.7)? It would make sense as the coilover is mounted inboard of the hub on the wishbone so a small movement there will be exaggerated at the end.
  11. Hi guys - I'm helping Tony with this one... it's in the early stages of planning but provisional date is the 26th Sept... we're opening it to Ferrari, Lambo and Maserati marques to begin with. I'll be back with more info once I have more details...
  12. It's sweet thanks. Just come back from the south of france and it didn't miss a beat although I need some stone chips taking out of the bumper.
  13. So far so good - I'm just sorting out work so will be bale to confirm friday soon.
  14. I noticed how clean it looked yesterday - sweet as.
  15. Not at all - after a couple of miles it was as if I've been using them all my life. I can recommend them for sure!
  16. Sweet - I'll see you both lunchtime Saturday!
  17. Yeah - let's get an image of the chassis - for £30 it'd be stupid not to. Do you have a slot on Saturday? Ideally around midday.
  18. Thanks. How adjustable are these cars? What's the price on the geo - it feels pretty good at the moment but it might be worth putting it on the ramp to get the settings.
  19. Excellent - can you put two aside for me and book a slot next Saturday around midday? Cheers!
  20. Thanks Tony - It's got P Zeros on it at the moment (which are about £250 a side). I'm interested to find out what else is out there. I'm probably looking to sort this out next weekend - is your boss machine up and running? The wheels are mint and the delaer told me they are made from magnesium - if they get even the slighest bit of damage through the paint they absorb water and you can say good bye to them if they're not repaired straight away.
  21. Thanks - this one has the carbon fibre racing seat upgrade (cost something stupid like £5k when it was new) - they are lovely seats although a little snug round the love handles!
  22. Thanks guys - it's taken a long time and big balls to get this far - all I've got to do is make sure I don't crash it! Having previously owned a 406 coupe I can see why you might ask about it - it's the real deal (as my mum will testify after we popped out for some milk!). I'm winding up my old chums in the 406 coupe club by saying it's a replica (they hate them). Some more pics are here: http://www.walkersport.co.uk/cars-previous...k-miles-fsh.htm Tony - I'm going to need tyres in the next couple of weeks. Can you find out what options are out there for me? As you're a bit of a trek from me I can only come at the weekends due to work commitments. Also - let me know about those exhausts!
  23. Just picked up this stunning low mileage 360, fulfiling a life long dream...... Tony - the rears are close to the limt and the way it spins up the wheels they'll be gone soon. What are the options? I'll need a pair of 275 40 ZR18. I know you're not the closest place to me but I need someone I can trust with this minter.
  24. Got to see the new centre yesterday - very impressive indeed. Thanks to the team for helping sort my mate's Lexus out. We took it for a substantial test drive and all seemed OK. Hope you didn't spend too long on the Lotus after we left
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