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  1. I would go there providing he is working on my car still in which case - otherwise i would look elsewhere i think.
  2. Rich is joe still there do you know? He was very much a protege of Tony and he is superb as you might expect. Wherever Joe is now i would follow and take my skyline to him hes a good bloke!
  3. I think E10 will be fine for most cars - would i put it in the skyline? Not until the super gets uprated. I always run super anyway so makes no difference to me. I think the worst that can happen here is the fuel hoses and injector seals perish faster than expected and you might have to sort that. Can you imagine if the E10 was that bad how many cars would get damaged as the average joe will just chuck anything in their cars - it i can't see it happening would be a class action law suit. When i lay the car up i always leave it full of super (plastic tank) my logic is less airspace for any other funny business. Its been absolutely fine. The bosch S5 is a great battery - that will last years!
  4. I vented yes. Zero issues. Main thing is making sure it doesnt move and put a dent in the wing from the inside!
  5. Get an S5 battery - whilst its not a natural fit in the boot you wont regret it. Its something like 480 CCA which is very strong and great for cold starts when laid up... ask me how i know...
  6. Fakes these days are very good in terms of looking the part. Wheel weights speak the truth in this situation!!
  7. How funny - the same shield on our CT200 became noisy so we took it in. They replaced it FOC under the extended warranty we had which was nice. The only thing i'd say is the batteries are in and around that area. Not sure how they will like any additional heat radiation... be careful!.
  8. I'd agree, this Melt is larging it with a car on finance (and i believe he was telling people he was paid up). He has no business modifying a car that doesn't belong to him, and was even more stupid to plaster it all over you tube! What is it with the 'yoof' these days trying to make out they are the bollocks, but when in actual fact they haven't got a pot to p**s in. Its all an act as illustrated here. Pathetic.
  9. Thats shocking and disgusting. To be fair though had i seen that upon pickup i would of refused to drive it away its blatently sick!!
  10. wtf - classic case of changing a proven (and better) design for no good reason haha
  11. yeah its the straps that make me think this may be not what it seems. Form that angle it looks like the tyres arent even resting on the cars!
  12. I think you can get a good result but i would test your process and then work panel by panel around the car. I think the biggest mistake people do with this is start too much at once! I'm considering trying out some Soft99 wax from japan and go that way. Supposedly excelllent durability and beads up really well.
  13. I can vouch for Gyeon ceramic coatings. The finish isnt anything special but cleaning the car with a well applied coating is much easier and it comes back to a showroom look with less effort. These days when i wash the car and throw on Gyeon Wetcoat all over the body and wheels and thats it. If i did have another ceramic coating i'd get someone to do it for me and prep the surface fully ahead of application - this all takes time - something i am short on!
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