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  1. As a footmote to the capabilities of my installer, not only does he compete at Master level as & when he can due to running a business, he is held in such esteem by EMMA (European Multi Media Association) that they recently flew him out to Austria to be a judge...
  2. Logically, it makes perfect sense to an owner, yet the total money spent/time invested would if totalled up over the years seem totally irrational, almost to the point of sheer lunacy. However let me finish with this. When you hear it finally at WIM one day, you will begin to understand.
  3. Time for a huge update.... I have had plenty of time to keep my (ever so slightly) unhinged obsession with taking my car to the pinnacle next level, that will blow my initial Lexus ICE build, that evolved to the higher level in my Honda Accord, to my current ride (Toyota Avensis). It will be the absolute zenith of my obsession, that will have taken some 14+ years now to put together, starting off buying 2nd hand components from eBay etc, then slowly progressing, selling on & upgrading as funds have allowed, then moving on to the next weakest link in the chain. I don't smoke, gamble etc, so it's my personal outlet/hobby. Some may think it is a little obsessive, but having given up the fast modified Lexus, this is now my thing. All the installtion accessory parts (top quality cables (Power, Earth, RCA Signal & Speaker cables) & Sound deadening), I have needed, components through buying & selling/upgrading & some brand new stuff such as a multi channel Active Digital Signal Processor (DSP) a bit technical but vital in controllng accoustic signatures for every single speaker in the car, with super high end multi band graphic equaliser, not only to tune each individual speakers output, volume level relative to all the other installed speakers, and & digital time delay so that the signal path lengths arrive within milliseconds of the listners seating position within the car according to left or right side, or even to taller or shorter ear level height. Sound a bit mad scientist/professor super geek level? Absolutely 100%!! The only people going to above this level are the nations very top of the range competition cars, any of whom will carry a set of component speakers on their own retailing well over a thousand pounds, amplifiers over £2000 each, RCA leads costing £500, along with £10,000 in labour/installation costs. These guys compete at suck a high level, they travel all over Europe to compete, to be the very very best in the industry. Many people at this super elite level, & are massively sponsored by the manufactuere themselves, to showcase the brands. To compare a £150 car radio to a competitive car in this class, is literally like comparing a base model Dacia Sandero with plastic wheel trims, to a fully hand specified & hand built Maybach or Pagani Zonda. It is the equivalent of car audio performing at not only a Formula 1 level but at a Ferrari/Maclaren current level. My level is below this, as you can literally spend almost lottery winner levels of cost, my car ICE has never ever been designed for a competition, nor indeed to be the loudest you will ever hear, just purely to be the best I can do with my own hobby financial restraints being what they are, with the best sound quality I can get. As a full time club DJ, when I listen to my own music in my own car, I'm playing just for my ears, rather than paying customers. It's really no different to someone that wants a personal track or drift car, yet works for an Audi Dealer in the service department. Sadly due to my current health situation, will not be undertaking the installation myself, however the man installing the equipment has won at National & European level for over 5 years in the "Master" category, ie full F1 not F3000 or or clubsport class. Those of you familiar with the Lexus IS200 interior, will understand the level this guy goes to to gain the best achievable sound by completely rebuilding the car dashboard from scratch, just by looking at thes pictures....
  4. "he Amp Doctor" is very well known in ICE circles. He was I believe the design engineer for the High Quality British Amplifier company from late 1980's through the 1990's Genesis. They were of incredible sound quality. Anyway these days, the Doc (Gordon) tunes and repairs high end Amplifiers, he services them, replaces the oftern dried out heat sink transfer gel on the output stages to the heat sink, any worn or out of spec components, then puts the amp onto his tuning rig, tests crossover points and fine tunes them. I mean I stood simply in awe at the ease of which he does this, making even a great Amplifier sound even better. His clients have won many EMMA SQ trophies. After all that, if he gives it the ok, he then reassembles the covers etc, and then finally Bench Tests the Amplifier under load, to see it's true R.M.S. output. He then fills out his sheet, & reboxes the Amplifier, ready to send back (or hand back) to the client. In a similar way that Tony broke new ground on Car Geometry over 10 years ago, (and is still the class leader) this guy is for high end amplifiers. No cheap Chinese printed circuit board cheapish stuff, just the higher end, but his reputation is legendary. After seeing his work on my 450/4, my 1000/1 will be going in for a service before the install. A full Amplifier service is very cheap considering the work he does & if no components need replacing. This one Amplifier will be running my entire front end. 183 Watts RMS x2 (@2ohms) for the door set up & 91 Watts RMS x 2 for the dash tweeters. Much better to have too much clean power, than not enough. I gotta long long way to go though as even walking a couple of paces takes me 5 minutes to get my breat back after my latest coma escapade.....
  5. It will be a similar set-up as the Honda if it fits correctly, if not I already have the specifications to build another box.
  6. I believe you have both heard my JL Audio 12W7. I have had it for well over 10 years, & is still a performance benchmark, & still on sale for around £800. I didn't pay even half that price for it though. An eBay seller bought 2 for his Range Rover, after hearing one, the other was left untouched in the box for 6 months before he sold it.
  7. Runs standard voltage, but instead of 2 large AGM batteries fitted to the Honda install, this will replace those, & give slightly better performance. They really are top batteries for car audio & race cars etc as they absorb voltage quickly (and recharge), but are light weight for the performance. Bit of a 3lb of sugar in a 1lb bag. They also cost twice what a good quality similar specification (Bosch etc) AGM battery does.
  8. Well the Honda had to go due to left ankle issues, so out came all the ICE System. I'm still in the planning stage for my new system, many components carried over including my Mondter JL Audio 12W7 subwoofer, C-5 Tweeters, C-3 Woofers & Tweeters, 1000/1 Amplifier (existing Subwoofer Amp), a 450/4 Multi channel Amplifier, Knukonceptz Fuse Blocks plus Power Cables, and an 8 channel Digital Signal Processor. Also a specialist CS Power Car Audio Battery. With this DSP I will be able to tune each individual speaker around the car with its own multi band equaliser, individual time delay etc. A very very advanced bit of kit, allowing analogue or digital inputs & outputs, all controlled and set up initially via USB/Laptop, then once tuned and set up, a small discreet remote control to allow several preset settings to be adjusted on the move..... I'm just not quite certain as to whether or not the standard Sat/Nav/Reverse Camera head unit is staying, or swapping it out for my previous Pioneer Double DIN. It's hard to plan everything from a hospital bed, but I'm currently as far forward as I can. I need to save the pennies though, as I can't do anywhere near the amount of installation work I have done previously. Time for some pics....
  9. It would require much more complicated fabrication to put it up under the glovebox. Plus it would be needed to be easily removable for maintenance access etc but it's still an option at this stage. I need to sit down with my pal (when he is available) with sub in hand as it were & consider the options, but there is no rush as I need the door builds doing as well so no chance of it happening before the end of show season next month.
  10. My pal with the huge amount of fibreglass experience is still on honeymoon, so I have been doing some research on the footwell subwoofer build, and fibreglass construction methods for Door Panels in general. I have 3/4 options on where to mount the 8" subwoofer. I need to measure when mum is in the car as to the best site for it as she is disabled and her access is very important. 1.) underneath the glovebox at an angle firing downwards 2.) In a lower position retaining as much foot space as possible. This example picture is angled too low, but the picture is an example. Rather than firing upwards I would probably go for a vertical panel firing straight towards the seat cushion. 3.) (and my currently preferred option) at the side of the console firing towards the door. The last option is in the kick panel itself, but as the mounting depth required might be too large and cause to much of an invasion into the footwell, this is unlikely, but still an option. A really great walkthru guide to using the fibreglass & making a speaker pod (in this case for the kick panel) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTdk0cYfv2s I'm being realistic in the time frame as having everything on my install completed by next Spring ready for the Club Meets/Show Season including the custom door pods and the front subwoofer box. plus boot finished with perspex ampl rack panel. This will take the install to it's final level & a noticeable audio step up from where it is even now.
  11. It's easier to explain in person, I did try to keep it simple lol
  12. Any timwe you are down London way shout me beforehand and I will endeavour to give you a demo. Alternatively I will be at JAE on Sat 13th Sun 14th September & that is much closer to you......
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