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  1. Sagitar


    This is the sort of thing that I was really after, but I got nothing remarkable. Bit of a waste of time really . . . . .
  2. Sagitar


    It's taken from inside our dining room through a window. I would guess the distance was 6 or 7 metres but I could be wrong. I'll measure it if you really want to know. I hadn't set up for the squirrels but for small birds that I expected to be moving quickly. It was dullish, so I pushed the ISO to 12,800, fixed the aperture at f/5.6 to get some depth of field and set the shutter speed to auto. The picture was taken at 1/2,700 sec. The camera was on a tripod, but swinging free on a gimbal style set up so the tripod was supporting the weight and keeping the camera horizontal, but not holding the camera still. The camera was a Fuji X-T3 and the lens a Fujinon 100-400mm zoom with image stabilisation and set to 400mm focal length. But I also cropped the image and the sensor is not full frame so I'm guessing that the focal length might be the full frame equivalent of about 900mm. I used auto focus and targeted the eye. It's a real credit to the Fuji optics, engineering and firmware that you can push the parameters in this way and still get the resolution that you see.
  3. Sagitar


    A weird bird on the feeders this week.
  4. Sagitar

    A day off indeed.......

    And the band played "Believe it if you like".
  5. Sagitar

    All lit up

    They were staggering a bit, maybe one too many? - never looked to their left at all, but I do try to be very careful because my car makes so little noise.
  6. Sagitar

    All lit up

    The boss and I ate out last Friday. We returned to Ampthill in the late evening and since the town was pretty quiet, decided to do a drive around the new lights with the dashcam running. I trimmed up the resulting video and linked it to YouTube. You should be able to see it below. http://youtu.be/fA57rpxmwEw I still haven't really got the hang of linking to YouTube
  7. Sagitar

    Sunday breakfast

  8. Sagitar

    Sunday breakfast

    Average weight for a Goldfinch is about 15 gms (three teaspoons of water?) and lavender stems are quite stiff.
  9. Sagitar

    Sunday breakfast

    I think they eat all kinds of small seeds. I put Nyger seed into the feeder on the bird table.
  10. Sagitar

    Sunday breakfast

    Goldfinches feeding on lavender seeds early this morning. I'd love to have got closer, but I had to take the chance and a few seconds later they were gone.
  11. Sagitar

    All lit up

    I can't think that any of our shops have shutters, but there might be some with a metal grill inside the windows. I think the Post Office does. Our little town is pretty quiet. We do get a bit of rowdyism occasionally in front of the White Hart at closing time and it does sometimes result in a cracked pane in a shop window but the local bobbies tend to park there at the weekend until the cab-rank has emptied and the visitors have gone home . . . . .
  12. Sagitar

    All lit up

    They are all taken on a Fuji XT2 with either an 18-135mm zoom or a 55-200mm zoom. Both lenses are limited to f/3.5 so I was working at quite slow shutter speeds in spite of setting a high ISO. Both lenses are image stabilised so I can hold them pretty still but, but nothing stops subject movement at the very slow shutter speeds I needed. Some of my pics were at more than 12,000 ISO. I was pleased to see how little noise there was. A tripod would have been nice but I'd never have got it safely through the mob. I spent a lot of time leaning against lamps etc to try to keep the camera still. I continue to be impressed by the little Fuji.
  13. Sagitar

    All lit up

    Our little town switched on its Christmas lights last weekend. The lights that we had previously were just about knackered so the "lights committee" decided to splash out on a new set. An even bigger number of people than usual turned out to see them switched on for the first time. There were some interesting photography problems, but I managed to get a few pics and I hope they give you some idea of what it was like. We got Aladdin from the local panto to switch them on, but I think his "mother" was in charge.
  14. don't you just love subtle humour?