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  1. My wife is the coleslaw expert (I can take it or leave it). I suspect this came from Tesco with our last on-line order. I tend to stay away from the green leaf stuff. The haematologist was strongly opposed to including it in my diet when I first met him. Mrs Sagitar grows some leafy stuff in the garden and I suspect this will be on the menu in the next day or two. It's a "cut and come again" variety, grown from seed.
  2. Eschscholzias, otherwise known as Californian poppies Proper Poppies! Usually known as Oriental Poppies Both of them light up in the sunshine. They were well lit up today.
  3. I had the impression that you used Photoshop. It certainly stitches panoramas.
  4. The pedant in me says that's not entirely true Tony, but water does have a very high bulk modulus so it is close to incompressible for most practical purposes.
  5. Thanks Rich. The first one has six images and the second one has five, but they are all taken with an 8mm lens so there is a great deal of overlap on each image. I think the first one just lacks contrast. The second is, I think, over processed and the colours are un-natural. But I was only trying to learn the processes that I needed to produce a panorama and the garden isn't big enough to really need one so it was all just for fun. I can get better pictures of the garden without panoramas. Here's a straight one for comparison.
  6. I gave it another try, but I'm not sure it's any better. Handling the brightness and getting realistic tones over several images is difficult.
  7. At a loose end this afternoon so I thought I would try some of the aspects of Affinity Photo that I haven't used yet. The software has a very simple panorama function and I tried it out with some images taken with an 8mm wide angle lens. The result wasn't bad but I think I left it too late in the day. I'm guessing it would have been better around mid-day with the sun directly behind the camera. If the light is OK tomorrow I may have another try.
  8. As I said a couple of days ago, the rain at the end of April really brought on the plants in the garden. We have a few Irises in a border and they have rocketed from almost nothing to blossoming in a few days. I love the subtlety of the colours.
  9. Hi Sagitar

    How are you doing in this awful climate..... I trust you are well?

    1. Sagitar


      Yes thanks Tony - my wife and I are "confined to barracks" , but we are both quite well and I was just about to post a message and some pictures.

      Thanks for your concern.

  10. When I bought my first Prius I used it little at times and soon ran into trouble with the 12v battery running down when the car was unused for an extended period. There were warnings in the handbook about limiting the current used in charging the battery, so I sought advice from the Toyota dealer where I bought the car and was advised to get a tecMate Optimate 4 charger. The connections were exactly as you described and I left the comfort lead exposed in the boot so I could make an easy connection when the car was in the garage. The Optimate 4 is a sophisticated, microprocessor controlled, charger but the most significant thing about it is that its maximum charging rate is only 0.8 Amps. I used it successfully with both standard and plug-in Prius but I've never had need to use it on the Mitsubishi PHEV.
  11. I agree that it's excellent, but I can see lots of welds. There are five or six on the chain sprocket in the centre of the picture.
  12. Given the continuous rain that we have had recently, it was great to see the beautiful blue sky and the sunshine that welcomed our Christmas Day. I got out my camera and took a few shots around the garden, including this one of the building work going on at our neighbours' house. They are putting an extra bedroom and bathroom on top of the garage and making good progress. A Merry Christmas to everyone
  13. American insularity! Look up Laycock's "Welcome Bonny Brid". I get a gritty eye every time I hear it. We say brid all the time in the North West . . . .
  14. No. It's quite a long way from the house. I'm just being selfish and not wanting my view over the trees to change . . . .
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