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  1. The black background is our TV (switched off of course). I was using a trial version of Affinity when I processed the picture of the Orchid, but I've bought it now. It was when I read about Adobe's intention to prevent me from using software that I had paid for that I decided it was time to go elsewhere.
  2. The orchid reached full bloom and I thought I ought to take some pics before it goes over. I've been playing with some new photo software called Affinity. I'm still learning how to use it and I'm not nearly as adept at using it as I am with Photoshop. The PS subscription has become far too expensive for the amount of processing that I do now so I need to find something else. I think Affinity could be what I need but the learning curve might be long and steep . . . .
  3. I have a cheap camera trap in our side garden that lets me see any wild life that uses this entrance during the night. Typically I see hedgehogs and muntjac and lots of neighbours' cats. Early yesterday morning I saw a badger for the first time. Later I came upon this chaos in a side border, where I assume he had decided to dig his way out rather than use the path. I also found a dead hedgehog in the garden, but that might be a coincidence though badgers are the main predators of hedgehogs in the UK. I'm waiting with some interest to see whether the badger returns.
  4. Unbelievable. How would the cab have gone under?
  5. In 2017 our son gave his mother a cymbidium orchid as a birthday present. It was in full bloom and the blooms lasted a long time. We decided to try to grow the plant on and we kept it on a South facing window sill throughout 2018 and tended it carefully, but no more blooms did we see. A friend suggested that it might do better in a cooler spot, so towards the end of last year we moved it to a North facing window and carried on with the same care programme. A few weeks ago we were delighted to see that a few flower buds were appearing and eventually we counted seven of them. Several of them are now in full bloom and today I took some pictures. It really has proved an excellent gift.
  6. Thanks Tony. I'm not sure that you can relate it to the size of people. Some of the porches on the Georgian houses are very large and include a fanlight over the door to let light into the space behind the door. I'm also not sure about the comparative size of the actual doors on the two houses in the picture. Next time I walk in that direction I'll try to get a couple of pics that make comparison easier. Did you notice the gateway behind the lamp-post on the right side of the picture? It's very tall, because it was made to allow a coach and horses through. Lots of the houses (and the pubs) have a tall gateway that opens into a yard.
  7. We have a lot of Georgian buildings in the centre of Ampthill. I'm no expert on them, but I guess they must be more than two hundred years old. They obviously need careful maintenance and some elaborate scaffolding has been set up recently on this one to do some chimney repairs.
  8. That's not funny. It's stupidly dangerous.
  9. I first came across it in a novel where an assassin kills his badminton playing victim by packing hydrazine into the shuttlecocks used by the victim.
  10. Sunday being twelfth night and, so Mrs Sagitar says, time to take down Christmas decorations, I took the chance to try out my widest zoom lens. We assembled all the Christmas cards that we had received and I took the photograph below.
  11. Suppose that: The proud traveller, about to take a tourist ride, takes a selfie which shows the front of the bus on which he is due to travel. He boards the bus which starts its journey and drives some distance. On a dirt road with a poor surface of dry dusty clay the bus skids; its wheels leave the road and go down an embankment steep enough to make it roll over. Our proud traveller survives but in crawling out of a window to escape gets covered in clay dust. He takes another selfie to record his escape, but this time from the rear of the bus in order to show how it has gone down the embankment and rolled. Plausible? Both pictures look quite real to me.
  12. Sagitar


    It depends upon the criteria that you use. "The largest tyre manufacturer" implies that they use the largest volume of resources to manufacture tyres. I find that difficult to believe. If you had said that they make the largest number of tyres, I could believe that because it makes no reference to the size of the tyres. If on the other hand you had asked which company converts the largest amount (weight or volume) of elastomers into tyres I suspect you might get a different answer. Similarly, if you compare on the basis of sales revenue you definitely get a different answer. I noted that in one recent year Bridgestone had a revenue (from tyre manufacture alone) of $26.2 billion; while Lego had a total revenue from all sales of $2.1 billion. On that basis, they certainly don't look like "The largest tyre manufacturer".
  13. This is the sort of thing that I was really after, but I got nothing remarkable. Bit of a waste of time really . . . . .
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