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  1. Geoffers

    My wife's 15 year old Fiesta

    How good is that? Great stuff
  2. Geoffers

    The joy of Geometry

    At first glance I read it as Prolex and nearly had a little man wee. Great cars though.
  3. Geoffers

    New services...

    I wonder what exactly you will need to do with the front facing radar as that is an information gathering device giving readings rather than needs adjustment by it's very nature - I guess the whole speed against distance thing must be calculated in the ecu for it to estimate before more readings come in. I remember when I had my "geometry" done at the dealer a few years ago (I use the term geometry very loosely) I had to reset my rear camera angle overlays because it was out slightly.
  4. Geoffers

    Restoring Headlights

    Good job there Rich. Good headlights change the whole look of the front of a car.
  5. Geoffers

    Did you know?........

    I've read that before - I believe it is a French law that every visitor (outside the EU) alive or dead MUST have a passport. It was in an article about a bit of a scandal because they wanted one for our Queen. As every passport is issued bearing her name, she technically is the owner of everyone's. Every country respects she doesn't need one but France wouldn't initially. They came to an exclusive agreement apparently. Not sure if there's any truth in that or just media hype but part of the same story.
  6. Geoffers

    How far?.......

    Actually, that's sparked a question - if it was left in park without the handbrake on (do we call it that anymore?) I assume this would happen too but would be strong enough to hold over a distance and only the tyres damaged or would it damage more?
  7. Geoffers

    How far?.......

    Wonder if it could have been towed by one of those that only lift up the front or rear and they got the wrong end and didn't care.
  8. It must have a football type inset valve too. (Assuming they are filled with air).