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  1. Same here - we used to start them before we went to school so we could play on them at lunchtime.
  2. Geoffers

    Parkour Atlas.....

    The same company did the dancing one. Four legs so not as advanced but still an amazing feat.
  3. I started off with a ZX80 in kit form. When I upgraded to the ZX81 I couldn't believe the speed. With 16k rampack I could rule the world! Spent £400 on a used Tandy TRS80 Model B. Had to borrow the money as I was a YTS trainee! ZX80 TRS80 which was just a portable TV without a tuner. Then spent £2000 on an Olivetti PC and it was only an 8086, floppy disk based!
  4. Oh yeah defo shopped. There are conditions that create holes but nowhere hear like any of these, more liked a group of infected pores type thing.
  5. Trypophobia? (Fear of holes in Skin. not necessarily real) Are you the same with small holes?
  6. Try and go in the week if you can, there is very little of a weekend. I love Wales anyway so even just a weekend break, especially around Snowdonia is great. Some of the log cabins in Winter are excellent - you would think you were in Norway or somewhere.
  7. Then make it so. Here's the MOD timetable and places. Although they don't often keep to those times and loads happens in between on some days.
  8. Yes. Sometimes lower than 50ft. Seems quite high but at 450 knots it takes some skill. Occasionally they do weapons activity but you can't get anywhere near for days before.
  9. We go regularly and it can be really good. Other days it can get boring, just the luck of the draw.
  10. Stunning. I didn't release it was interactive at first. Surely he didn't do the same going down? That would be more difficult free-climbing I'd have thought.
  11. Geoffers

    Know you're dust caps?...... A heads up...

    Bloody hell better check mine. My torquenometer only measures in old money.
  12. Hang in there fella. It seems like you've never really had closer because of it. You will feel better once you've said goodbye.
  13. Geoffers

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

    Don't you just love a win like this :-)
  14. Geoffers

    The bit you love to hate.....

    I think we do change as we get older and other things just seem more important or have to be done. (Including the odd kip when we should be doing something else)
  15. It would certainly do the job. I might be wrong but that could take out firefox as well.