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  1. Geoffers

    What do you think of these beauties.....

    They would look good on a gangsters car in a Jackie Chan movie perhaps.
  2. Geoffers

    Tough neighborhood....

    Really? I thought truck wheels and tyres cost a small fortune.
  3. Geoffers

    Tough neighborhood....

    Just waiting for the scouse comment....
  4. Geoffers

    SWISS MISHAP......

    Amazing how he kept hold for so long. I know fear would have played a big part but that was a long time with your whole bodyweight on your fingers with all that movement. Very bad mistake by the instructor though.
  5. Geoffers

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

  6. Geoffers

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

  7. Geoffers

    Sunday breakfast

    Another great picture. Had to read that twice - I wondered why you were telling us the weight of a Goldfish... Lazy reading.
  8. Geoffers

    All lit up

    Good shots. It must have taken some time to get those right. I wish where I live looked like that! Can't see many shutters on the shops either. (in fact I can't see any at all) In my Borough, they smashed every single lamp on the Christmas tree last year so we aren't getting one this year. Hate living here but trapped at the mo.
  9. Geoffers

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

    Looks great. I bet you're chuffed
  10. Geoffers

    Choking the chicken......

    Were you looking forward to something else?
  11. Geoffers

    Total failure.....

    Crazy - you can see the failure of the concrete cross support that comes clean off - mustn't have been the same pour but rebar doesn't seem tied in either. The guy that ran away was very lucky.
  12. Geoffers

    Parkour Atlas.....

    I meant to put this in the "Russian Robot shoots guns" post. Same sort of thing with the autonomy though.
  13. Geoffers

    Parkour Atlas.....

    Yes and this Is feasible. If not now, very very soon. To backup the recognition side, where I used to work we had analytics units on our CCTV. As it was a nationwide corporation, we could give it an image of someones face and it would show us everywhere the cameras had seen that person since install a few years ago. The accuracy was scary.
  14. Geoffers

    Rich's 1999 MX5 1.8i S

    Will be good to see it all merged in. Hard to imagine how they get it all flattened into one but they do.
  15. Same here - we used to start them before we went to school so we could play on them at lunchtime.