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  1. Couldn't have said it better Adam, and yes I absolutely agree and thank you Rich for all the work he has put in looking after the forum behind the scenes.
  2. Yes I agree. I've rented in between in between house buys and it takes all the pressure off.
  3. You probably are already but look for jobs where you want to locate to. When you have an offer, it may help force your hand and things could move very quickly.
  4. If there aren't enough contributors and it must go, we will still have the knowledge that it was Tony's passion and he wanted to communicate with the world. He wanted to build this all up and he succeeded. It is such a terrible shame. However, it would need all of us to put to it and you are right - you couldn't and shouldn't do it alone. I'll contribute.
  5. So when are you moving there? Bit close to the front but there's a plot of land for sale with utilities, 24ft x 110ft right on the coast for sale. Self build? Not sure of the price. It's further around into The Wash on Heacham beach. Not sure if that's anywhere you would like to be. It's a few miles from Hunstanton. HERE on google maps. I suspect the erosion isn't bad there but if the currents change it could be the same.
  6. It looks stunning. My sister tries to get to Cappadocia or Antalya at least once a year. Loves it.
  7. It looks lovely. Not sure I could live away from large bodies of water Nice sky. How is the temperature there at the mo? I really like early morning walks when it's 'fresh'. Seems to set you up for the day.
  8. The Welsh coastline never ceases to amaze me. Wrong time of year but even in summer there are places with not a sole in sight.
  9. Well done for posting this Rich. I couldn't agree more. I have limited knowledge of it but with the things he has put in writing on here and his notes I'm hoping something is followed up. Awful treatment and they should be ashamed.
  10. Been a bit faulty lately so took a trip into Wales to cheer myself up. Great full moon in Abersoch. Cloud was just a little too low to get a clear view of it.
  11. Sorry, only just seen this. There are a few ways but easiest is plug in with a usb cable and another drive will appear so you can pick it off that. Or, email it to yourself.
  12. That happens a lot - my mate has done that a couple of times. His wife isn't impressed and tells the world each time he's done it.
  13. It's a safety thing... they don't explode like bullets. And take longer to blow if you look on the International fuse chart:
  14. Clearly married. He's lucky to have that!
  15. I don't think Aloysius Parker or Lady Penelope would be happy hearing you say that!
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