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  1. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    if you are picking a smilie from the Apple/Android on-screen keyboard, that will not work. You need to either type smilie manually, or select from the smilie from the list on the icons above the space you type in...
  2. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    Not trying to use an inbuilt Apple/Android emoji are you, instead of the forum smilies?
  3. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    Sorry, not posted for a while, work have been demanding their tuppence worth from me! But with the move, and the new software (that I'm still not convinced I like the theme of yet!), all the issues I was seeing, particularly when browsing from work, are resolved. Excellent work Rich
  4. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    And, yes, intermittently running like a dog here as well. Yet other times, its good as gold. (Currently, this morning, Win7 + IE11)
  5. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    That's one for a private conversation. But we run OOF on a shoestring financially, and nowadays, apart from planning, I spend more time on the forum than in the back of it.
  6. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    That's the key, be in charge of your own destiny as much as possible. When we set up OOF back in 2006, we went with a UK based shared hosting provider, but got turfed off by them within 2 weeks for being too resource intensive (but then like most UK hosting providers, they were a bit mickey mouse) - remember that was when we were a brand new forum, so not that busy. Ever since then, we took the decision to try to own as much as feasibly possible, and have manual fallbacks for those that aren't (mostly the static stuff on our site, as the software we use (initially YaBB, now Simple Machines Forum) allow us to host the dynamically generated stuff (like thread text) on our own servers, and the high bandwidth static stuff (images, icons, smilies, style sheets etc) on a shared hosting provider - and because its only static content coming from them, we are hit less by the slowdowns they suffer (being a shared provider). Occasionally their end has a wobble, but we have that static content also hosted elsewhere, and its a very simple config to tell our software to grab the static stuff from an alternative location. Obviously, occasionally our own dedicated server goes wrong as well, but that is in our own control, and most of the time we have another (virtual) server sat almost ready to take on the job. Thus, we can only blame ourselves most of the time if things don't go to plan. We have one critical item - connectivity - that is a single point of failure, and that is provided by (you'll think ironically) Zen Internet. Who I've always found responsive and technically decent and understanding. But even if they can't fix that quickly, we run a medium length TTL on the domain, so we can quickly migrate elsewhere, and the Internet will find our new home within a few hours.... ...and when we migrate back, we would set our TTL to, say, 15mins, so we'd be discovered again almost immediately.... ….fortunately we have not suffered a big enough outage to have to warrant doing that, but we have tested it on a test domain, more than once Hope that gives you things to ponder over, and feel free to contact me privately if you need help and advice.
  7. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    That's good to know I don't have windows so can only test things out on my Mac's. My stupid MacBook - just shy of £3k 2017 vintage MacBook Pro that work insisted on giving me, despite the fact it doesn't really work in our company so I still use my Windows one 99.99% of the time - only gets used about twice a year... …I take it on holiday as its lighter than my personal Windows laptop
  8. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    The "Not Secure"/crossed through padlock type stuff is a lot of the static embedded stuff like images/icons/smilies etc. This will need sorting in next few weeks, as Chrome will start really highlighting it to users very soon, and you can bet Firefox, Microsoft and Apple will follow suit soon. This has the potential to scare off many users, especiall non established users, perhaps those needing help the most - those in distress because their tyres are wearing unevenly or the vehicle isn't handling consistently. We have the same issues on https://www.omegaowners.com- our "own" stuff (apart from guides - the images there still need securing - is pretty nailed now, but a lot of user content fed from users' own hosting solutions aren't. So I feel your pain RIch.
  9. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    Well done Rich. Its working much better than it was, and even grumpy ol' MS Edge will now log on. Top job
  10. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    Ah right, hmm... How long did migration take? Might be worth doing it several times and testing (via hosts file) until you've nailed it, then do a fast migration and not lose posts... ...esp as the DNS prereqs weren't sorted before hand.
  11. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    Also checked domain registration, and the nameservers are still currently Zen Internet's ones. Have you adjusted, via cPanel, the new IPs for www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk? If not, it ain't gonna work. I wouldn't attempt to migrate the domain registration at this point until the DNS is all pointing at the right places, or you'll be in a whole heap of smelly stuff. If you need temporary authoritative DNS servers, just shout, but I'd need about 24hrs notice.
  12. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    Just checked your domain, default TTL is 1 day, and expire is 7 days. **WAAAAYYY** too long for migrations. 99% should start to see new site within 1 day though.
  13. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    For future reference, when moving hosts, knock the TTL on the DNS right down for the period of migration, and at least the TTL time before planned migration. Sorry, if I'd known it was imminent, I would have said
  14. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    I've found Zen to be pretty switched on, and certainly my own dealings (as a broadband customer) have been absolutely spot on. Though for hosting, there are different options about how involved they get. Probably one for Rich - are all your images hosted on the same server under the same base URL (www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk)? I'm thinking of a lift-and-shift, if you think Zen are the issue. However, your certificate issues are around the links within the site. If you go shared hosting (unless the software is really poor, I don't think WIM now sees sufficient traffic to go dedicated, unless Tony is feeling particularly flush ), you might lose some of your members using old stuff, such as XP, or really old versions of Android (pre ICS IIRC) or really old Apple devices (iOS3 from memory). Also, how big is the entire forum, both in Mb and number of files, both for filesystem (the forum framework and all images, plugins etc) and databse (Zen use cPanel IIRC, and therefore I think you'll find that either under Databases or PHPMyAdmin) - PM this if its commercially sensitive. If you want me to sign an NDA, happy to
  15. TheBoy

    Forum Issues

    I think you are still suffering issues around http/https redirection, and how browsers then respond to insecure content. That needs to be solved really, as on the Windows desktop IE/Edge remain (rightly) the most popular browsers, and for the most part, you are excluding those users. Slow/intermittent responses can be around server load, both on webserver and database server. Its been a while since I've used cPanel, but I think you can get the load index there, assuming your hosting provider (Zen Internet) haven't disabled it. Do you know if your database (probably MySQL or MariaDB) is on the same physical server as your webserver? If you need a hand, as said before, feel free to reach out (with Tony's permission of course)