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  1. have checked the exhaust system if its coming in contact with anything ?
  2. click the video for more info : Autocross run, Portland International Raceway North Paddock, 3-4-2012. SCCA Solo D Prepared 1994 Miata. 949 Racing Xida ClubSport shock, 15x10 6UL wheel, Avon bias-ply slick, but no ABS...
  3. looking good can i ask why you moved the doorway ? all jobs are easy.......you just need to know how to do them !! i had an advantage of working alongside many different trades, when I needed plastering done, I watched a plasterer and asked questions, tried it a few times and have always done it myself since
  4. It really does sound great. But that's just the point, there is no point! Completely bonkers If Mad Max was about in 2012 he should have one of these. if there was a point we would all be driving fiesta's
  5. notes say no fatalities were shown as it was a television company who filmed it i would think there wouldn't be any
  6. I wonder what was meant to happen if it had gone right ?
  7. but D didnt have a value ? that Tina is quite sexy
  8. Tony you need to narrow the choice down 2 or 4 doors boot or no boot reliable or reliably needs lots of working on practical or no roof/doors expensive or bloody expensive to run unique or standard daily use or weekend use or summer days above 75 degrees days and most of how much you want to spend
  9. good luck to Tony hope this was all amicable, will be a shame to not see him at WIM appears WIM has many changes going on at the moment
  10. the days when men were men ! and presumably the chainsaw not invented highlights the fact that what takes thousands of years to grow can be killed in a day and not replaced
  11. ?? but they are reknown for their near on 50/50 weight distribution ?? the m3 maintains 50/50 by using a lighter engine which is set back slightly further
  12. its funny how people like squirrels they are just big rats with bushey tails and bloody vicious when cornered !
  13. was she really p**sing in the middle of a crowded area
  14. they way he was leaning into the bends, looks like he thought he was on a sailing boat ! he didn't have much of a clue about driving let alone driving fast a lesson learnt ....hopefully !
  15. place the stands on the rear arm bushes where they attach to the body (2" from the red cross) springs wont be compressed and you will get full lift don't place stands or jack up from the box sections ! they are weak and can damage easy
  16. How did you find that out and where would they advertise the parts? Do you know what caused the engine to fail, they're pretty robust? Although I know they suffer with oil starvation if you track them and don't change the sump. because I know them very well dont know where or even if they will advertise anything if you need something let me know, and i can find out if they are available and for how much
  17. heads up Rich Fensport are taking in a t-sport this week and breaking it ! engine failure
  18. That looks interesting. What are the thread inserts as other kits don't come with these? Do you use that kit the same as the other taps? How can I find out whether this hole is an M8 or M10? get the ruler out ! m8 will be 8mm wide m10 will be 10mm wide measure to the edge of the threads as size is based on blank shaft then count how many threads there are per inch ! 1.25 will be about 20 1.5 will be about 16
  19. No worries I was thinking of using the micrometer to measure the hole or would I need something else for that? The only thing with getting the OEM bolt is I might have to make the hole bigger so it won't fit. Is this the right thread gauge? Seems cheap enough to get for the toolbox - http://www.amazon.co...45101556&sr=8-2 They're abit pricey though, I might as well go to a garage and see if they could tap the hole. This will probably be the only time I will have to use it so don't want to spend too much. Plus I would probably end up getting the wrong size or need to make the whole bigger meaning I'd have to buy 2 or 3 taps. another route :(if m10 x 1.25) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Piece-Thread-Repair-1-25-13-5mm/dp/B007QWQVZS/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1345115882&sr=8-3
  20. looks like original bolt thread pitch is 1.25 and the other one is 1.5 standard British bolt would be 1.5 with fine thread being 1.25 JIS (Japanese standard) standard thread is 1.25 !! 1.25 is a thinner thread allowing for a tighter/secure fixing, would make sense on seat fixings you need a m? x 1.25 tap (probably M10)
  21. how come the bottom threads haven't been chewed up ? it looks as if it tapers the threads on both bolts look different with the original looking a finer tread, counting the threads they are different but may be just the picture or size difference I would tap the hole out and get an original bolt
  22. more like the engine lift eye the eye designed for lifting just the engine in a vertical manner !! I love the way these idiots provide us with so much entertainment
  23. but is it Tony proof or even "Pikey Pup" proof
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