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  1. P4UL T

    My wife's 15 year old Fiesta

    Na, for what we would get for it we would never get another without spending a load more cash and to be honest she don't need anything better as she uses it so little. Also on a different car it may come with issues/problems. This seems to be trouble free. Plus it costs peanuts to run. Insurance for us both : £109 MOT : £25 Tax: £155 I change the oil myself now every couple of years and I've not had to spend a penny on repairs for a long while.
  2. P4UL T

    My wife's 15 year old Fiesta

    Rear silencer rusted due to condensation build up, a few batteries and Two rear wheel cylinders as the rubber perished and they leaked. Most of that is down to the lack of use tho.
  3. P4UL T

    My wife's 15 year old Fiesta

    Another year (19 now years old) and 901 miles since the last MOT. I used a different MOT station again to see if they agree with the past MOT's and yet again another clean sheet, not one advisory. Happy days.
  4. P4UL T

    Smartly's Toyota C-HR Blog

    Nice car and well done on the price. As for Superguard Unless it was free it's a waste
  5. f**k me, I bet he had a headache after that
  6. P4UL T

    Team wim explain this.....

    It's not the shark type aerial supplying the images. There will be various cameras around the car. Check under the wing mirrors, front grill and tailgate. Those images are all stitched together to create a 360 degree image. They then just place a stock birds eye image of the car in the centre. It gives the appearance of looking down from above. Buts it's just clever cameras.
  7. P4UL T

    Epic Road Trip

    Wow, absolutely amazing trip. Very jealous. Something like this has been on my to do list for ages. Did you do Lombard st in San Fran? Or was that beast too big?
  8. Never liked them I'm afraid.
  9. P4UL T

    New Forum

    Make sure its ice cold
  10. P4UL T

    New Forum

    The ones on my phones keyboard. The Jackhammer is nice if it's very cold. You also have to be in the mood for it as its strong at 7.4%. I've also tried Mr President several times. That's even stronger at 9.1%
  11. Oh wow, interesting. I would have thought that lump of crap was heavy enough already. As it a CC (convertible) maybe its something to do with roof mechanism adding some weight to balance the roof when opening or closing? Or just giving gravity a hand when going up/down?
  12. P4UL T

    New Forum

    Yeah it was the file name being too long. I had already resized it. Thanks Edit: I tried to add a smiley face to my text. Came back with an error saying emojis are not allowed
  13. P4UL T

    New Forum

    It dont work for me