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  1. I'm not, the IS-F stays in it's warm garage most of the winter months and the Rav 4 on all weather tyres gets to do it's stuff. Still have a full set of IS250 17'' rims fitted with Pirelli P-Zero winter tyres in storage if anyone is interested (fits IS250, IS200/300).
  2. Yes I agree, stupid question. Basically the oil companies have to pay whatever it costs.
  3. Most subsea and sea level components including pipelines have sacrificial anodes welded to them. The anodes are made from a metal alloy with a more "active" voltage (more negative electrochemical potential) than the metal of the structure it is protecting (the cathode). The difference in potential between the two metals means the anode material corrodes in preference to the structure. The anodes sacrifice their material to the benefit of the steel. It may look rusty but the basic integrity is sound. Anodes are replaced before they lose critical mass. All the equipment being installed now has decommissioning costs built in as when its service life ends it has to be removed to return the the sea bed to its original state.
  4. Yes it has, also vents in the front wings to expel the air from the front ducts.
  5. Same as the Lexus ISF, each wheel has its own corner due to staggered width and blade direction. You often see them incorrectly fitted with the thicker section of the blades trailing when they should be leading (with the wheel rotating clockwise, of course),
  6. Excellent, he stuck to his principles and left Wheeler Dealers after the original production company was taken over by an American company (Velocity) and they decided that the in depth workshop content was too difficult (read that as too expensive) to film so they intended to dilute that content in favour of more of the garbage that Mike Brewer presented. Such a pity after building up the show over the last 13 years, I guess it was victim of its own success and the new production company couldn't resist the temptation of profiteering from what is currently a very large worldwide fan base. Mike Brewer continues Wheeler Dealers with Ant Anstead as his new sidekick, but I doubt if it will be anywhere as good as before.
  7. All OK this end Rich. Shame about the IS200, but my daughter managed to damage the offside front corner and crash bar which made it uneconomical to repair. Sold it to a friend of my son who apparently just wanted the LSD for his IS200 drift car. Just heard he's now debating whether to repair it and put it back on the road so it may live on
  8. Hi Geoffers, trust you are well. I'm now retired but appear to have less time now than when I was working . Also purchased one of those Akron wiper blade refurbishers, just need to get my mate who speaks fluent German and Russian (he used to be an RAF 'eavesdropper' at GCHQ) to translate the instructions for me...
  9. Ah-ah, 11 years and counting but I know I haven't been on for a while. Sold the Lexus IS200 Sportnav a couple of days ago, only had it 16 years . Anyone want a set of 17'' IS250 wheels with Pirelli Sottozero winter tyres?
  10. There's one in Stroud that rises out of the payment between certain times in the evening, when it's serviceable. Haven't heard of anyone attempting to stand on it waiting for it to come out of the pavement but I'm sure someone has. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-38904790
  11. Yes, always a surprise when it happens as it does pull you back into the seat with quite a force. Goes back to normal after braking. Just thankful that the designers had the sense not to incorporate the air bags in that system as there are 10 or more of them.
  12. The proximity parking sensors go off if I get too near another vehicle, or someone walks in front or behind the car, but the audible beep which warns for impending collision only goes off when the software computes the current speed with braking distance. The beep is the first indication, followed by the seat belt tensioners operating just before auto braking. In a traffic jam this doesn't happen, unless I guess if plant my foot on the accelerator to deliberately try to ram the car in front (no I haven't actually proved this). All this happens in standard drive mode. In radar cruise mode it regulates speed to keep a pre-determined gap to the vehicle in front. This gap has three settings which you could classify as far, mid and close, but even the 'close' gives enough of a gap for other vehicles to move into from another lane (usually a Volvo), which then triggers the belts and auto brake (the reason I rarely use cruise except in average speed camera situations, and of course fog).
  13. The IS-F does that regardless off whether the radar cruise is on or not. Alarm goes off as soon as it detects anything stationary or suddenly traveling slower than I'm going, and it doesn't only react to what's immediately in front.