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  1. jammy

    So do I buy an MX-5?

    yuh huh the roof needs to be down for sure no but I bet they are one fun car to drive,a friend in Eastbourne had one and she loved it..it was boosted too and stuck to the road like s***e to a blanket haha..id love to have a go but tbh after I managed to get in rich's and somehow got back out the I could feel cramp setting in to my legs and my hips wernt impressed with me at all..i had an uncomfortable drive home that day but I can see why many want them
  2. jammy

    So do I buy an MX-5?

    Tidy.. The new ones doo look a lot less of a women's car
  3. jammy

    So do I buy an MX-5?

    I was behind one of these today. Who ever was driving it wasn't very confident init as I was all over it in the signum down the back roads from margate to ramsgate... A very different look to the older ones.. I quite like it tbh Are the chassis still as good and adjustable as the old ones?
  4. jammy

    What pressure

    Now I can start thinking about cosmetics want to get the car tidied up as I want to get me a 530d tourer within the next year
  5. jammy

    What pressure

    Aye mate I'm checking weekly any way as although I have my work car I still manage to wack up some milage on this of an eve and weekends.... At 40psi over 2500 miles I haven't noticed any wear issues front or rear.. Pretty sure the front will wear well with just 2psi less but the rear does concern me given its been lowered and running more camber than stock but everything is in the green and well within peramiters so I am hopefull
  6. jammy

    What pressure

    I've settled at 38/36 More feel in the steering plus I can feel the tyres gripping front and rear now 36/34 actually felt like the tyres were under inflated.. Don't spin the front wheels as easy now too It's become a more pleasant ride too.... I'm 99% sure I've found my happy medium with the cars set up now.
  7. jammy

    What pressure

    Yeah it's tyre wear that's going to bother me given the price to replace them.. Car doesn't seem to slip away from me now but a little wobbly on direction change threw bends so gpigg to up it to 38/36 which I think will be just right for me.. My honda only runs 34/34
  8. jammy

    Zip on tyre for cyclists......

    I've just broke the zip on my coat while reading this I can imagine myself trying to fit one of them with my massive digits haha
  9. jammy

    What pressure

    42 front seems a lot as even I think 40 is a bit much.. Were out and about today in the car 2 adults one child so I'll see how it behaves set at 36/34
  10. jammy

    The difference a hole makes?......

    Glad I've seen this.. Never had to have a wheel welded but I'll be sure to make sure that it's drilled before hand
  11. jammy

    Zip on tyre for cyclists......

    is it the 1st of April? I'm not grasping the concept here.... Especially seeing how easy zips break
  12. jammy

    What pressure

    I ran 40 to save my wheels from . Getting cracked.. I didn't think I was far fro. The truth tbh but that seems extravagant.. Most of the time it's just me and a few bits of crap in the boot.. Most that would be is 4 but very rare