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  1. Time to put a new engine in the black vectra I think.. 

  2. jammy

    New Forum

    Looking smart mate
  3. 😂 Yes I remember it being a bit of a pain 🙃
  4. 😂 I ha e used a watering can to get some petrol for my Renault 25when it ran out near folkestone.. That was 25years ago and got proper moaned at by the staff
  5. jammy

    Gota love that grill.....

    Like it 👌
  6. Aye I've never understood this either
  7. I'd have another mk2 any day 😎
  8. 😂 😂 😂 😂 it was an epic sight haha.. Was turning heads all the way there 😇
  9. 😂 😂 years ago a mate was stripping out his mk2 escort for a full resto job and serious chassis modifications. Once all the modifications had been done and the car was painted we had to get it from Ashford Kent to HT racing up at brands hatch.. So an mk2 transit van got brought in for the job! It had a 3 bar roof rack so we thought blinding and set about lifting the car on top 😂👌🙄 it squashed the roof bars down to the roof but the roof took the rest of the weight well strapped it down and off to brands it went.. Looking back I think we was mad but it worked and got the car there with no issues,even the tranny was fine haha..
  10. jammy


    Well it was a celica by the look of it It's hurting my eyes
  11. Got a nice shot of the ziggy too 🙃
  12. I love mk2 cavvies mate.. Had loads from 1.6 gls'sto Sri 130s cool cars. Had untold mk3 too 🤣. Mainly Sri and a couple of gsi models with red top 16v Nd a redtop turbo gsi 4x4
  13. Been well loved.. Full engine rebuild new belts etc. New brake line a but of welding had for mot last month but the welding is incredibly neat and tidy and all been treated after. Drove really nice too. It's only a 1.8i but bring back some happy memories from the 90s for me when I was test driving it 750 quid bargain
  14. jammy

    Setting up adjustable damping

    OK mate cool..