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  1. Yeah. Ant say im keen on them.. Tney wpuld have to be near indistructable tobwork in thw real world
  2. Totally off topic but found this off yhr back of those videos i. The thread
  3. Love the first one, and them slot cars ar3 freekin mental :0
  4. Yes mate finally there(for now amyway) no more work planed till mot has be3n sorted out as its up in 3 weeks.. I will be doing lower arm bushes and inner and outer bushes on the rear lower arns to as they hVe taken a battering the last couple of months paint will have to wait a month or two, just ive got to have it done by our wedding day as ill jave no chance after that
  5. Yes mate, gave ut a run to work today and drives as it did when it came off the ramp Finally i can feel the suspension working properly and i have a bucket load of grip now too even at - 1 on my way in it stayed planted and went where i wanted it too All the hard work is starting to pay off now
  6. Well nothing has moved yet and its been a week now and done around 300 miles
  7. Might still invest in the rear camber shims though,but I've seen adjustable vtop arms for a focus which are coming up with almost the same measurements as the vauxhall arms so that's another option but the shims are the cheapest option
  8. Well that's about as good as it's going to get at the moment the 35 miles to work,was pretty fun I shall say! Goes straight and finally has some grip again :).. Now time to sort out this air getting in to the fuel lines issue out.. i dare say this time next month it will be wanting this doing again
  9. We have set it back to the last numbers that worked and touch wood it is behaving pretty well at the moment
  10. I'd disconnect the indicators first
  11. Back I. Tomorrow for one last hit reverting back to -2° camber r at and toe of 10 and fronts to toe out 0.03..it tits still s***e then I need to know how to get the subframe checked for ant imperfections within its structure for twists after it was jacked up on it
  12. Although the general stability of the car has improved a lot comparison to when it was set up last Wednesday
  13. That or the lad burnt the crap out of the bush to free up the snapped bolt ? Going to go back one last time and revert back to the original settings we was going to but I can't see that solving anything,..it's just getting worse by the minute
  14. Sits a lot off to the right tbh.the steering wheel position was checked and double checked then checked again... Getting tedious now Feels like it's crabbing with 3 adults and a couple of small suit cases in the boot ( only the suit cases was in the boot ) I know numbers wise all looks good but I swear there must be hiding damage to the rear subframe when it was jacked up on it when there guy snapped the camber bolt that time.. I've ended up doing almost 300 miles today what with work and a run to Gatwick to pick my friends up and in all honesty it's not been pleasent on the motorway.it feels that bad that I've just been out in the honda and that's a dream to drive for a.change!