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  1. Well fabricated is that
  2. I guess it saves dropping the rear beam a click or 2
  3. Ofcorse no body else see anything either
  4. Nopw disnt see anything.. Parked up o. A main road while i walked down to the reception to get keys for the gate and when i came back it had been hit
  5. Got to love an oldskool ford!
  6. Reminds me of one of my old mk2 fiesta xr2s i owned about 16 years ago the turrets were rotten, so. Eone pulled out on me. I braked really hard with 2 feet and i hit a pit hole.. Yhe finished product was like the above pic only with lots if rust
  7. So then a month on and dispite one hit and run the car seems to drive as it did coming off thw. MAchine last Though the hit and run damage has left me with no interest what so evwr in the car now.. Passenger wing and front bumper fcuk'ed.. Cheeky bastadz came back and wiped most of the paint off that was left behind
  8. I think they would do em for that mate. Tnat wouldnt get left to drive away on imo... Amyone who did let em off with a warning should be banned from driving and sacked
  9. Haha love it, aint seen that for a long time
  10. Ahhh i see.... So possibly twisted at the beam mounting to the rear left then?
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