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  1. Unless you've spent silly money on those parts that shouldn't cost more than £2-£3k at the most. You sure you've added it up correctly. When are you planning on selling it as ideally you need a fresh MOT first and get the repairs sorted?
  2. It's a shame you'll only get a fraction of that back selling the car. Definitely a select market, even more so post Covid. What have you spent £10k on though as I wouldn't of thought the work you've done totals that much.
  3. Result of it's cured the problem and a cheap fix
  4. It's a custom limo. https://car-from-uk.com/sale.php?id=286620
  5. That's what our Civic was doing, the coolant was getting so high it was going out the overflow. The rad would also start getting low. It never overheated though and no mayo on the oil cap. I tried a new rad cap but that didn't work so we got rid of the car in the end! But have you tried a new rad cap just in case?
  6. I don't like that at all, bonnet is far too long and I don't like the grille or headlights!
  7. You hold it in!! They have those over here too, better than getting blokes p**sing all over the pavements!
  8. The MK3 Mondeo is the same as the MK2 (I had one) and only the toe is adjustable on them. If the camber and caster is ever out it's usually a sign that something is bent. Whatever you do don't get those camber/caster adjustable top mounts. They're a complete nightmare!
  9. Well I guess like cars if people can't afford to buy them outright they have to lease. It seems the leasing companies are having to pay out money to rent land so they can be stored as so many have been handed back!
  10. They could've used them for uber, deliveroo, delivering parcels etc. Tough time for a lot of industries though.
  11. I would only use that or preferably quick detailer to go over a very lightly dusty car. I wouldn't wash a dirty car without water, I'd rather not wash it at all. I would prefer to use a rinseless shampoo and still wash with water to avoid rubbing dirt in to the paint.
  12. That's opposite B&Q/Honda just before the magic roundabout I think.
  13. Not to everyone's taste but very well done, that must take a lot of skill.
  14. What a pain but I hope you saw the funny side eventually!
  15. Rich

    Another new car.

    That's good then as you know it's been done now.
  16. What have you been buying on eBay! That's a shame after all the hassle you had with the Astra too. Guess it's a choice between the space in the Signum or the power in the Astra.
  17. Rich

    Another new car.

    It's taken a month to get the part? It's always a nice feeling when you get a new motor
  18. I thought the main reason production stopped for the S2000 was cost. It was an expensive car compared to it's competition and the last recession didn't help. It was shortly afterwards they stopped making it.
  19. Result mate Get those headlights polished too!
  20. It was just a concept car from a few years a go.
  21. Great photos Adam. I love looking at ice patterns, especially icicles. It's never been cold enough the last few years for them to form.
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