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  1. Hi Adi, welcome to the forum. That was Tony all over, he would always help if he could. He didn't have a selfish bone in his body. I'm glad you experienced that even if it was over the phone and not in person. He had worked hard for years building up his reputation as a geometry god and as you saw he is well known on many car forums. I don't know the magic IS200 numbers but I am sure they're somewhere or someone has them. Have you tried LOC? Tony didn't keep them a secret as he wanted everyone who owned the car to make sure they got the best handling and tyre wear they could, whether that be via WIM or another garage using his data.
  2. It was, I loved it! I went to quite a few meets. The MX5 one before the centre had even opened was rammed with cars.
  3. I was in kwikfit the other day and was watching the guy doing a geometry on what looked like a hunter machine, it was kwikfit branded. He was just following the prompts on the screen and making everything green, which is what the majority of these places do. It's going to be difficult finding somewhere that is as good as WIM and Tony. I miss the old days of car meets at WIM, they were always a good turnout.
  4. I only found out about this yesterday and I have been debating whether to post about it. But I have decided I will as I don't want Tony's good name to be tarnished. It seems the owners of Blackboots sold the company to Protyre at the end of January. At the moment they are including the name Blackboots but I suspect this will change in time. They are covering everything from tyres to geometry. So if you go to the centre or book your car in for a geometry please be aware that you will no longer be dealing with WIM and Tony's excellent reputation. I don't know if any of the staff have been kept but I would hate for anyone to go there expecting the WIM treatment and be disappointed. So it's looking like it is the end of an era sadly. As for the forum, it will be staying for the meantime but I can't say for how long πŸ˜”
  5. I've done a few tankfuls of Costco super unleaded now and still not seen an increase in mpg. I'm consistently getting 19mpg. It's still cheaper than anywhere else which is the only reason I'm still using it.
  6. I've noticed this too on cars I've owned with EPS. Could it be that when the car is under load it zaps some of the power to the motor making it feel heavier. Similar to when you start putting the lights on, heated screens, seats etc and that puts a strain on the battery, and other electrical parts.
  7. I thought you'd gone a bit quiet, I hope the break away helped. Nice photo and the sea looks so calm πŸ™‚
  8. I've been running the Accord on super fuel since the swap and my mpg hasn't increased. The mpg isn't great on the Accord anyway and I usually get 21mpg but I'm only getting 19mpg with each tankful ATM! ☹️
  9. I've had to replace the calipers on every jap car I've owned! Did you use Fairway?
  10. My brother used to do that as a kid. He came in my room one night when I was watching TV in bed and did a wee on my chair! He also did it up the mirror on the landing another time! πŸ˜‚
  11. Rich


    Joker! 🀨 πŸ˜‚
  12. Rich

    2011 Mini Cooper

    Sounds good. There are still loads of these on the road (and many for sale on autotrader) so parts should also be easy to get hold of. It's definitely one on my to get list at some point.
  13. Rich

    2011 Mini Cooper

    Nice looking car Adam, I've always liked these. Does it go well for a 1.6?
  14. I might have to take mine down for a geo check after hitting the biggest hole I've seen the other week on the way to work. Plus I swerved and didn't go down the deepest part. The car has felt like it's tugging to the left since and I have to correct it to the right. The car has only had one geo and that was when I bought it 8 years a go!
  15. Pop down to WIM and get them to check the balancing, I don't think I'd trust a tyre centre TBH.
  16. Balancing was the first thing I thought of too or a buckled wheel. Hit any holes recently? Can you drive through it, what's it like at 70mph?
  17. I really like that and a great colour 😁 It does seem expensive for an 8 year old car but with the used market being like it is I guess that's expected. What's the mpg going to be like with petrol being so expensive now? I'm struggling to get 20mpg out of the Accord now! Hopefully this engine is more refined. I miss my old Corolla T Sport, that was a good car πŸ˜€
  18. Got every tool you'll ever need in there! 😁
  19. You don't need the image tags anymore just paste the URL in to the post and it'll load the image automatically. You usually need to put a return after the URL for it to appear. I've edited the OP for you. Nice looking car. Not 100% sure about the grille. Bet that flies though! 😁
  20. Liner answered this a couple of weeks a go. https://www.wheels-inmotion.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/20121-whats-the-point/
  21. We had Nokians on the Lexus, they were very good. We also Dunlop on the Civic and they were also good. Don't think I'd get Toyos again though. I'm still deciding whether to get these Cross climates, the price is just too good and the Falkens I have on the car now don't like the cold roads in the morning but are fine coming home. Is it really worth it though, I'll only be doing 1k miles over the winter months.
  22. Having been to Yorkshire for the first time last month I can understand why you'd want winter tyres fitted. Some of those country roads go on for miles with patchy phone signals. So the last thing you want is to get stranded. What winter tyres have you gone for?
  23. Well I got the undertray off on one side so I can see the bolt from the wheel arch now. The problem is despite trying several ways I couldn't get the bar in anywhere and on to the bolt. Either the brake lines were in the way or the suspension/chassis. I don't think I'll be using the car again before the end of the month now. So will have to sort it another time. Can anyone recommend a fuel stabiliser though?
  24. Anyone still using winter tyres? With the Lexus now sold I've got a set of wheels to sell. I was also going to sell the Civic wheels that are on the Accord with the winter tyres on and stick with the 17s on summer tyres seeing that I'm keeping the car a bit longer. I do well under 3k miles a year so didn't think it was worth replacing the winter tyres. I have a dilemma though. The tyres on the 17s aren't brilliant. It seems to be tramlining abit and the traction control kicks in on greasy roads too easily but they have lots of tread left. They've been in the shed for at least 2 years as I didn't swap the winter wheels back over so that probably hasn't helped. They're the rims that came with the car but it's very unlikely I'll be selling it when it does go so having the Civic wheels on shouldn't matter too much. Costco are doing an awesome black Friday deal on the Michelin Crossclimate 2 for just under Β£65 a tyre fitted. I know they're an all season tyre but the originals got great reviews so I'm really tempted. Looking on eBay I may get up to Β£150 for the Accord wheels. Or I could just keep them for summer use. Someone talk me out of it! πŸ˜‚
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