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  1. No it wasn't, this is for the front. The rear one has the mounting plate and it was this that was at a funny angle compared to when the standard spring was on.


    I think I sussed out why though, as when I put the top mount on there was a little bit of play in the spring. Once the mounting plate is screwed in and you turn the strut into place it puts more tension on the spring, therefore eliminating the play. I think so anyway! :unsure:

  2. I saw this on a site the other day. Apparently the woman driving it came off the road into a field. She drove to the gate only to find it padlocked so proceeded to find an alternative way out. Obviously it's pitch black on a field and she didn't see the lake!!

  3. nice motor E-R :D




    Always wanted a black motor, a bugger to keep clean though.


    Paint work needs tidying up as well, loads of scratches from all the country lanes round here! Plus cracks in the front and rear bumper from the previous owner (was a taxi) but I'll get it all done in the end...

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