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  1. i wonder if anyone can help, since i have had my car the exhaust has sounded terrible, the reason for this is the rear box is totaly hollow, on the last m.o.t the emmisions just scraped through so i will be needing a new cat too, the system is only a 2 peice one, front pipe with cat.. and rear box. after market cats sound tinny and hollow on most of the german cars, and an orriginal from mercedes is close to £1000 (full system) top gear in st albans said they could replace the cat with a hi-flow sports cat and build me a full system for £550. i was just wondering if anyone knows how relaible these cats are or there are others i should get before taking the car to get the rest of the system done cheers
  2. i agree, we keep most rear shocks for renaults in stock, i think the shock angle looks totaly wrong, we have had a customer say that they could push the car along with the handbrake on.. was just the car squatting. thats french for ya
  3. my mark 3 escort was that 850 yellow!! i painted it myself, one of the first full re-srays i ever done. custardized.
  4. i driven a few o the v70 'r' damn they're quick and sound sweet! dunno obout the mpg though
  5. do you do a lot of loaded/motorway driving?
  6. i dont have this option either, there is no file atach button
  7. ok i think the car would be wearing front tyres on the inside, the steering wheel may not be straight (slighty left) and the car pulling to the right. mostly all down to the rear toe being at -20' and +20'
  8. i think i know but i'll let someone else have a try
  9. yes i meant pulling to the left, looking at the front camber, both wheels are leaning towards the kerb, n/s/f has +ve camber and o/s/f has -ve camber.
  10. pulling to the let and maybe a bit of inner edge tyre wear, particuly on the drivers side
  11. we set up a civic type-r once, it had 17" rims on, after doing the geom we set the same car up again but told the computer it had 24" rims on, all the reading were totaly wrong.. if i remeber right the front toe was well over 10mm out of spec! a good experimiment if you have the time to do it.
  12. sorry dude but rim diameter does affect the readings, also the offset would need to be the same.
  13. note to self: never lower a calipbra 4x4 turbo
  14. well all cars benefit from a good geom every now and then, plus before the car is aligned things like springs and dampers will be checked so killing both stones with one bird.. (or something like that) who know you may both be right and the geom will need to be reset after springs and dampers are changed as the suspension is going to have changed height slightly due to the old springs possibly sagging slightly.
  15. so what if you went for just an up-rated calliper.. maybe brembo and a set of drilled, grooved disks and some red stuff pads
  16. as far as the technical side of things go id say smaller, because the friction level of the huge tyre will be a lot higher so braking is aided there also if the rolling radius is longer then the wheel will be spinning slower than a small one at the same speed. but how silly would a smaller disc look behind that rim, so in truth id go for a larger disc.
  17. the second video is better! looks pretty cool actualy, so when you say you may need resistors is this to stop "bulb failure" warning lights from popping up on the dash? will the plod know they are legal? have you been pulled over yet?
  18. just looks like he is pumping the pedel to me. cant be legal as they aren't displaying a consistat glow.
  19. bet the car doesnt feel safe to go over 5 mph anyway, all feel will have been lost and maybe a lot of vibration too
  20. no problems getting gauges on there. i aligned a friends beetle (1969) it was so low we needed wood blocks to get it over the jacking beam, but once on the ramp it was a peice of cake. only adjustable at the front toe but it was a mile out.
  21. i had a thought about a new tyre a while ago but it wouldn't be cost effectife. take a normal tyre- one valve inflates the whole tyre. what if that tyre were to be in sections, say an eighth of the tyre. ok so it means having eight valves per wheel each having to be set to the same presure but a puncture would only deflate the one section and instead of loosing control you would just get a vibration for the deflated 'cell' you could even have the tyre seperate around the whole circumfrance so there is still eight sections but instead of eight all round you have 4 on each side so 1 deflated section would produce a lot less vibration... but then someone else invented the run on flat tyre and my invention seems poo in comparison
  22. er tony.. hate to dip my fly in here but he said 195/50x16 did you miss type or miss quote? please dont hate me for pointing this out.. hate me for something else
  23. 185/60x14 = 572mm diameter (should be your start size) 195/50x16 = 595mm diameter 205/45x16 = 584mm diameter and 195/45x16 = 575mm diameter
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