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  1. thats life... my best made died last week.. im a bit down, he was electrocuted. anyway thats my sad bit over withback to being
  2. im never getting on a bus again!! i was stopped at traffik lights a few days ago and was casualy looking at the scenery when i noticed the tyre was a remould.. imagine a bus full of people doing 40 mph down the duel carridgeway towards the magic roundabout when the front tyre desides its had enough and rips itself to shreds.. how many people could that hurt??
  3. i couldnt find the thread where tony was asking for logo's for the company, so i thought id kill 2 birds with one stone and make a sticker from it too.. here goes.. WIM.. where theres a wheel, theres a WAHAY
  4. if they have a beam pattern similar to the standard headlights then i will need to get a set made for a right hand drive car, if they are only available for left hand drive cars them i cant have them (the are coming from the usa) park a car close to a wall and turn the headlights on, look at how the left side of the beam is higher than the right. thats to illuminate the curb side more and to prevent you dazzling oncoming traffic, if i fir left hand drive lights they will be the mirror imaje and will blinden people coming the other way
  5. hi all! im thinking of buying a set of projector headlights for the german cortina, are they handed for left hand drive or right hand drive, i have emailed the suplier and he told me that they are 'adjustable' but surely that just means hight and aim. do they have the 'hot spot' beam pattern or the standard dipped beam pattern? i realy want them as my headlights are going a bit yellow and the projector ones are only £10 each more with bulbs!!
  6. all othe bmw's are reset through either the I-drive or the switches on the end of the wiper/indicator stalks
  7. the thrust angle on the one today was 0"13' no complaints of the steering wheel being off line, front total toe was spot-on 0.00mm but one was +1.0mm and the other was -1.0mm, i didnt drive the car before but i did after and all seemes ok.
  8. the honda jazz doesnt have adjustable rear toe, just seems a bit odd that 3 axles should come up with the same reading.
  9. today i checked the geom a honda jazz, this is the second one i have doe recently and both have had a problem with the o/s/r toe. both cars this was reading +3.0mm, the first one was for a local body shop, the car then had a new rear axle and was re-tested giving the same result, i was wondering if this is just co-incidence or if there is a problem with the jazz. anyone else able to get hold of a printout for a jazz?
  10. they look a bit perished for only 1200 miles were they new when fitted?
  11. we have a garage not far from us that we do a lot of work for, the owner has a 350z that has only done 18,000 miles, the n-s-f lower arm had to be replaced recently as the bush about half way down came right out, (similar to the ford lower arms). nissan definatly pants
  12. do you know anyone that has driven a 350z with the old settings and then the new settings? if you do what difference (if any) did they say they felt in the way the car drives.. does that make sence?
  13. wow! was it a case of excesive tyre wear or something deeper?
  14. that's around 4mm toe in isnt it?
  15. no problem.. i will scan a copy of the results and keep you filled in, i also have 2 new c-class mercedes to geom with exactly the same problem! i think im just going to let the 2 nearside tyres down to 20psi and raise the offside to 40psi to counteract the pull (joke)
  16. did you know i used to be a sprayer? i done it for 5 years at a body shop in harrow. i know it sounds big headed but i was quite good at it. the travelling was too much in the end
  17. my best man (my sister) has a citroen saxo vtr, its a 2001 Y reg, last night she lost all the water from her heater matrix, has anyone ever changed one? how much work is involved? special tools? i dont want to start and then find out i have to take the dash out, or anything thats going to take more than a few hours. any ideas?
  18. that looks nasty, does it feel as if its floating across the road rather than driving on it?
  19. marshalls, khumo and kelly we dont realy deal with much so i cant realy have an opinion on them.
  20. the ones i would avaoid are: camac (probably not available in your size anyway) fullrun.. i have these tyres on the rear of my own car and they are imposible to ballence, and as grippy as butter when the road is wet. avon.. they suffer from deforming sidewalls and tread distortion. good budget brands if you can find them cheap: nankang toyo falken maxxis
  21. yeah i know they have adjustable mixture settings in the car, so i recon if they are running richer they would get more of a flame
  22. hello and welcome, i dont supose the garage that set up th cars geometry gave a print out of the readings did they? this would help a great deal in assessing any adjustments made and any thurther develpment of the car.
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