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  1. the guy i right about the track rod end, the only time they should be heated up is when removing them to fit new ones, heating can damage the rubber gaiters and lead to the grease inside boiling resulting in excsive wear due to increased friction, it is also failable on an m.o.t if the tester spots that the t.r.e has been heated.


    as for the geometry basicly the rear toe has to be adjusted before the front toe, so you set both rear toes as they should be, this will give you a thrust line of '0' meaning that the center line of the total rear toe is exactly down the centre of the car. the steeri wheel is then clamped in the straight ahead position and the front toe on both sides is adjusted to give the ideal toe on both wheels, this will automaticly leave the 'steer ahead' at '0', if olny one front toe is adjusted then either the front total toe is incorrect or the stering wheel will be off centre,


    what needs to happen is the seized track rod end needs to either be free'd off safely or replaced and the geometry re-checked and adjusted, i cant believe they didnt check them before starting to avoid wasting everyones time and your money.

  2. we had a good one today.. clive wouldnt allow me to photograph it though :)


    bmw 535 1999 .. still not impressed? ok it was de-badged so the staff member (new bloke) had to open the bonnet to see if it was 4, 6 or 8 cylinders.. still nothing went wrong, the car was geom'd and all the measurments were ok, so the customer paid and went on his way.. he came back 5 mins laer with a very bent car.. new bloke didnt shut the bonnet properly and it flew up at about 80 mph.. you can see a mark on the roof where the badge has hit it!!


    at a first glance it needs the roof repaired (ppossibly new skin) new bonnet, new screen, repair or replace 2 front wings, bonnet hinges, any trim and drivers underwear.


    a right mess

  3. i would get a second opinion on the ballencing.. most places dont charge for checking the ballence of the wheels, get the fitter to check to see if the tyres and wheel are running true. maybe the original place had a a slightly off callibrated ballencer.. it happens. its also free to check this so what have yougot to loose?

  4. bridgestones?


    there are so many different bridgestones all of the same size and the markings are so small you need to know where they are to find them, you could go to a tyre dealer and buy a bridgstone re040 and still get the wrong tyre, the compound is reconised by a small group of letters az,cz etc. the start compound is set for particular makes and models, lexus, nissan.


    continental do it too for example mercedes use the symbol 'mo'


    michelin use the g1 for porsche

  5. most bmw's need waiting to get the car at the right level to adjust, the weights we use weigh four stone each (56lb) and to get the car right we need 3 in each front footwell, 1 in each rear footwell, 1 inbetween to rear seats (on he transmittion tunnel) and one in the boot, thats a total of 40 stone or 560lb,

  6. do the £6 russian job too, but i go for the £12 inside and out jobby, wash, dry, hover, windows, dash.


    then back to my gaff for a good going over with the good old maxwax, armour all the black bits (including tyre walls) job done! i maxwax the outside of the windows too, then im scared to use it because its black

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