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  1. I ended up going to the following garage in south east London, the owner Mark has owned the place for 25 years. He followed the geo numbers you provided and all seems well. I appreciate everyone’s help. https://www.wheelpoweralignment.co.uk
  2. Hi Rich, many many thanks for your help, I appreciate all your efforts. Hopefully I can find an honest garage to implement these numbers for me.
  3. Hi, everyone. I’m new to the forum. Very sad news about Tony, I never met him but he called me over a year ago after I emailed him. He replied to my email straight away and called me on my phone, I could hear the enthusiasm in his voice and he was so willing to help me. I had purchased a Lexus is200 and Tony’s name was popping up all over the forums regarding the Lexus is200 geometry, his skills were highly praised. I called up Black boots last week and asked if Tony would be doing my Geo if I book the Lexus in and they said no, but they never mentioned he was sick or he had passed away. I only realised there must be an issue when I clicked on the W.i.m website today and it gave a warning that the business has changed hands. I was going to book the car in tomorrow but I think I will now give it a miss. I will try to locate the legendary geo numbers that Tony calculated for the is200and get those implemented on my car. If anyone has the correct geometry numbers for the Lexus is200 or if you can recommend anyone that Tony trained to complete the job on the Lexus is200 please let me know. Kind regards Adi
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