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  1. Ah - completely misread your email. Got it.
  2. Ignore my post from yesterday. I think I understand what you are saying. The standard dampers only provide damping. The gas pressurised bilsteins provide damping and a level of support. The bilsteins operate like a helper spring. Hence the same spring but with bilsteins will give 15mm higher suspension than the standard damper. Does this also mean that the same spring gives stiffer suspension with the bilstein than the standard damper - because you have to compress both the spring and the pressurised gas bilsteins? Apologies for the beginner questions.
  3. So I'm perplexed. I've been to WIM and you guys clearly know a LOT about MX5s. But there are a lot of people on other forums who actually want the Mazda Eibach springs for the 30mm drop and they aren't complaining of only getting 15mm drop. I'm almost certainly not understanding part of this. Are you refering to the Mazda branded Eibachs? These seem to have two different product codes 4100 77 774(NC) & 4100-77-780(ND). Are you suggesting I fit the NC springs on the ND?
  4. Hi Tony, It is a 2019 ND with the yellow Bilsteins. It has a folding hard top as well, which I believe come with slightly stiffer springs.
  5. Also should have mentioned the car is mainly used for B road driving with occassional drivelimits.com days (previously carlimits.com) at North Weald airfield.
  6. Hi, I previously had a fast road alignment at Wheels In Motion. I'm now looking to improve the suspension. I like the fact the car leans and you can feel it loading up the suspension but there is just too much lean. I've considered the Mazda alternative springs but have issues. Firstly I don't want to lower the car by as much as 30mm due to the rough roads and hump on the drive. Secondly because I have the RF Sport+, it has the stiffer RF springs that are then upgraded for the Sport+. So I'm not clear the alternative Mazda springs will make much of a difference. Hence the question is - is there an option for moderately stiffer springs which will only lower by 15mm? If not what are the coilover options? thanks Gareth
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