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I  was born at burton on Trent   Because the Luftwaffe  was bombing the East End district of London  Which housed the biggest docks areas on earth     The Royal Docks was a prime target during war time,    So My mother was evacuated   During her pregnancy     We were bombed out during a bombing raid.   ( I’m sure Hitler had not  specifically targeted me )   
eventually I  become a train driver in the Port of London   (PLA)     My first car was a  Austin Seven Van   (1928)  Soon after that I owned a 1951 Cadillac fleetwood and then my  Escapades with Cars  began to fester,    I have owned a 1977 Ferrari Berlinetta 512   A Lamborghini  Contache  5000s     And recently a Ferrari 360 spider,     The fastest car I have ever owned was about two years ago - a Mercedes SL 600 bi Turbo -    I’ve said all this   Not to be flash  But because of my love of cars,    The worst one I ever owned - for practicality Was my Lamborghini   ( My wife would never get into it.)   “” too Ridiculously ostentatious”” she used to moan    I don’t mind.  I would go up the pub and p**s everyone off ...   by now (1980s) I was running a Rolls Royce Wedding Hire Company ...   I have had a wonderful life.  And have settled down with a wonderful wife   - 15 years younger than me,  -   We now live in A lovely little Essex Village  near Epping Essex,      Sue - my wife hadn’t yet sat foot in my little MX5 - to date because of the Virus constraints,    Can’t wait for summer    Throw the hood back and go to one of my lovely  local pubs,    Not doing bad am I.  I was born today  80 years ago,  80 years young today,   And enjoying every day of my life...   take care you guys    Best regards from Ray .   

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