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  1. No Your polish doesn’t go anywhere near the paint ( unless it’s a 60 year old car ). You are polishing only the lacquer . The hope is. that when your car was manufactured it received a good top coat of paint before the lacquer was applied. Because that is all you will be seeing through the polished “lacquer” ...
  2. The smell lasts 7 days and three minutes ... Merry Christmas you all, And thanks Joe for all your work on my car. Next year - after I have had a summer with her- I will pay to become a gold member do that I can offer for sale ito the staff or family or friends of the W.I.M company, Have a lovely Christmas Or best you can muster ( under the present conditions ) Keep safe, Happy new year, too, Ray from Epping.... MX5 NC , lowered and spaced out .. like me !
  3. Well, with the right exhaust Tony. It doesn’t necessarily come through the floor pan but all over the place, It is a lovely noise as you blast off but on a long journey I’m sure many of us would like to turn the racket down, Any way best of Christmas joy to all of you, keep safe From Ray EppingbEssex
  4. I note that someone asked a question recently On the Use of protective pain “ HAMMERITE “. I can confirm it is a very good metal protector It not only protects. Metal but kills any progress of rust that may have formed upon the metalwork, Hammerite is a good way of protecting under bodywork on a MX5 Or any other car, It doesn’t really matter what it looks like It cannot be seen, All that matters is that it is ‘protecting‘ your car, It is excellent on Suspension parts Too, I have used this paint many times on garden chairs etc. And the rusting was. Arrested and prevented from getting worse, Best regards to all of you and have a good Christmas. You cannot do much about the problems that 2020 brought to our doors. Let’s just hope that next year will be a bit better, sadly all the signs are That it might not be Keep your chins up lads, From a Ray Epping Essex,
  5. Just thought I would mention something when cleaning the soft top MX5s. Flooding the soft top with copious amounts of water In order to get rid of any suds from the cleaning fluids that you may have used Will result in much water finding its way into the cavities that house the retracted roof. SO THE FIRST THING IS TO MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT THE DRAIN HOLES ARE THOROUGHLY CLEAN. or water will sit in puddles and begin its rotting procedure ‘OUT OF SIGHT ! So first job is to check the two drain areas, If clean. Then you can commence the cleaning of the hood material, Best regards to all of you From Ray collins Epping Essex .... take care keep safe..
  6. And Thank you Tony For running such an excellent enterprise, I am very pleased with the work to my MX5 to date, best two mods to apply to MX5 ( lowered and spacers ) Looks and drives like a different car. Next year I am going to buy some 225x 45 x 17 Tires. To finish the look to perfection, best regards from Ray. Epping Essex
  7. When I last bought a bottle it was £19. I note that it is now much cheaper at £9.99. It’s referred to as a “ secret” substance, Personally I find it quite remarkable, It does seal the wax onto the bodywork It is very easy to apply and I have noticed that rain leave little or no residue, I think it does exactly what it says. And the remarkable thing is As you apply it You cannot imagine it doing any good ... it’s like a spray of water being put on and then wiped off so natural instinct is to wonder if it is achieving anything But in my experience it does I get a lasting lustre Better than I have seen before .... However, As for cleaning cars. I am a bit of a repetitive polisher. One of my neighbours asked if I had A R C D. - ( repetitive cleaning disorder ) Others tell me that I will “ polish it away before long “ etc, I am 80 years of age and my MX5 is my hobby. What else is there to do at my age, to while away the hours I suppose I could “ “drive it “ Anyway, Best regards to all of you at W.I.M Have a good Christmas Keep safe . And thanks for the Coffee at reception, ...Ray Epping...
  8. Halfords sell a range of car polishes called “ Car Gods 54. “. One of those products is called “ Cronus Holy Water “. I use it The bottle looks just like water. And when you spray it on it looks just like as if it has Just. ‘rained’. Spray it on and cover the whole panel With a piece of cloth. Then wipe it off, Your natural instinct is to imagine it hasn’t done anything - But it has sealed the polish that you have just applied, After a couple of times You will see something like magic, The car looks more polished than ever and when it rains most of the rain just runs off ! Once you achieve the best results ( after a couple of applications ) you will find the car is far easier to clean. Try it, I think you will all be surprised at the result. Take no noice of the look of the substance in the bottle It does work 100%. The substance in the spray bottle is called “ Cronus Holy Water “ Best regards Ray Essex...
  9. When experimenting with cleaning the roof fabric of the soft top MX5. Be careful Some products may make the hood look nice. But The stitching itself -around the roof - Could be weakened, I think by keeping to cleaners that are manufactured for that specific job Will be fine, But other products ( like washing up liquid Etc ) might do more harm than good long term, I am soon going to use a product that has been tried and tested, My roof Material is still like new the car has been garaged for its entire life, The area where the drain holes are ( in the roof recess area behind the seats ). Is completely as new, It’s comforting to see this degree of care taking place on the MX5 cars, They really are worth saving .... My car - a 2007 NC 2 Ltr model In silver, Is a pleasure to own, When I saw the add The seller told me to bring my cash with me “” because you will buy it””. He was right, I personally haven’t seen a 13 year old car in such astonishing condition. He dared me to find a mark or even a single stone chip on it, And I couldn’t ! My only gripe I didn’t like the way it looked - so raised on its suspension as NC models do “ So I researched the internet to find a company near to me in Essex who could lower the car and put 25mm spacers onIt, it has now been done - by Joe - I am Amazed at the transformation. Every MX 5 owner should do those two modifications at “ Wheels- inmotion, Well worth every penny.... keep safe you guys And If I don’t contact you before Christmas for a chat Have a good one, Ray from Epping Essex. ....
  10. A very good Fast way to clean your Engine bay - in particular the black plastic areas Is by using ‘Armour-All’ Tyre foam, Yes I know it says Tyre foam on the can. But trust me. It has been used by me and thousands of others for cleaning the plastic areas of engine bays too, Just keep the spray away from the Alternator when you are spraying it, spray it across the entire ( black part ) area And leave for about 4 minutes then wipe the surplus off with a cloth, after about three applications. You will have a lustre to be proud of, It will not damage any other areas with overspill etc. i have been using it on every car I have owned over the past 20 years ... Trust my word. You will be pleased with the result .. I am pleased to see that Rick promotes the Auto Glym range in his article on car care, As you might know the most unsightly thing when detailing a car. Is by getting Car polish onto the rubber work And into the body gaps and not bothering to remove the polish overlay ... etc, I’m sure that you all probably already knew this.! But I just felt like a Little rant on the subject this evening . Have a Nice time under the bonnet tomorrow The tyre foam is £6 in Halfords A First class product You should get 6 tyre applications out of a can And If used under the bonnet You will get 10 applications out of a can. Keep safe ... best regards from Ray Collins Epping Essex, ,,
  11. Yes, I’m sure it is a subject of immense pleasure to someone who understands the jargon But next to Nuclear Physics Vehicle Geometry must be right up there Within the Most complexed of vehicle sciences ! Me ! I have an expression of amazement on my face each time I turn the ignition key and Hear the engine start, To imagine that there are numourous complexed issues taking place as I drive along would keep me awake at night ....
  12. Haha ha ha ha.  Oh dear me.   I have just fell in !    I have been promoted to  “ advanced “  status   On the Forum.   There’s me thinking  it was  because of my  forum input   But NO ! It was referring to my  80 years of age,    Can’t get much more advanced than that ,    OMG....  

    1. Rich


      Hi Ray,

      Ranks are based on the number of posts members have made so once you hit 30 posts you became an advanced member. When you hit 100 that will change to club post guru and dedicated club poster for 500 posts.

    2. Ray collins

      Ray collins

      Rich !  At 500 posts   I would probably be found strangled in a ditch alongside the A41.....  Best regards from Ray... collins ..



  13. Got your message Tony.  Re contacting joe direct ETC  via the ‘ call centre’ concerning   the spacers  issue on my MX5      
    I have now been in touch with JOE and all is sorted now,   Get well soon my friend   Best regards. ...RAY..   

    1. Tony



      There's been some changes to the forum, even i'm struggling but Invision who's engine we use is constantly keeping the forum up to date, not just the image but also members security.

    2. Rich


      Hi Ray,

      I think Tony must have sent you a PM (Private Message) but you have replied on his feed page, which everyone can see. I'm not sure if you realise that?

    3. Ray collins

      Ray collins

      Thanks Rich,    No, I hadn’t realised that,   -As I previously  mentioned in a previous reply, “I know very little about the way’s of the Internet  and often just look for a place in which to Plant a reply,“   However, I can see your point  about putting a reply  on a private feed’  that everyone else can see, etc, When it was In fact intended for Tony himself,     I will try to master this frigging Internet  even if it takes me  50 years   “”Oh wait a minute“”  not a feasible proposition at 80 years of age  !,  Anyway Thanks Rich,  

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