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  1. Brilliant stuff thanks, plenty to get going with. Just for clarification, by bottom hole do you mean the one closest to the end of the bar? This is presumably the softest? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the prompt response, it's reassuring you had your own Tony. I had a few NA MX5s and I much prefer the MR2 from a fun perspective. My kicks are from road and occasional track work, but I definitely don't want to compromise road manners. Yes the lack weight up front is mad, even not having the spare wheel in the front makes a noticeable difference. With this in mind should the front dampers be softer than the rears rather than the opposite? I've got adjustable drop links and ARBs, but I'm hoping I don't need to invest in any other arms etc as I've just had all mine zinc dipped, powdercoated and polybushed! Fortunately I'm not Walter Rohl so I'm sure with your expertise it'll be quite adequate for my needs. I think once I've done a bit of sprucing up underneath I'll bring it down to you Tony to work your magic.
  3. Hi I'm trying to get my MR2 roadster dialled in, and have spent many hours learning about geo on this forum, so thanks for all the advice so far! Once I've resolve my hardware queries (thread in the suspension forum), I'd like a full geo, optimised for 'fast road' rather than track, as I only do one or 2 days a year, and none in this car yet. I haven't been able to locate any custom geo settings for my car which is surprising. Does anyone have any experience of the geo on these little MR2 Roadsters? I do have camber plates fitted and I think there is a reasonable amount of adjustment available everywhere. I'll certainly be paying you a visit in the near future Tony, but I'd be interesting to hear of any recommendations or peculiarities for this model regardless! Thanks!
  4. Hi So I've got an MR2 roadster and I'm struggling to find good discussion or advise on suspension setup. My car is 2ZZ converted (engine from a Celica 190), and it had Yellowspeed coilovers fitted when I bought it. The ride was intolerable and horrible harsh banging was way too frequent for my liking. I have since replaced these with BC Racing coilovers with 4kg front, 6kg rear, and I chose them for the 'comfy' spring rates, and because I like that ride height adjustments don't affect pre-load, oh and Meister were out of stock at the time! I have a few queries: 1. How much pre-load should be set? Based on a random youtube video I backed the adjuster rings off until the spring turned freely, snugged the ring until the spring didn't turn freely by hand, then added 4mm more (the width of a c-spanner). I have no idea if this is in the right ball park or not. 2. How should I be setting my ride height? I have set it to 31cm front, 33cm rear (from centre of the wheel to the wheel arch) as this is what my friends TRD Sportivo springs and dampers are, and I had no better place to start, but any advice is welcome! 3. Is there any guidance on adjusting the damping? Its set to 8 clicks from soft front and rear and it feels quite neutral, but I can't find much guidance on what I'm feeling for when optimising the settings. 4. ARBs - I'm currently running stock ARBs, but have a set of thicker Whiteline items, but I don't want to compromise the set up for fast road use. These also have 3 settings and again I wouldn't know where to start. Any advice appreciated, thanks.
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