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  1. They said they took a reading of the car before, tried adjusting but could not get any adjustment to get close to required settings for car, so returned it to the settings they had to start with. I had left the car with them as I had other business to attend to. Did ask if there was a print out, but was told there wasn't one as it was thrown away as they had returned the car to the settings before adjusting. To be honest, I was smelling a rat when I got back to them and heard this. Fortunately they didn't charge me. Sorry I cant give you any more info than that.
  2. I've had new tyres fitted to my car and have had a wheel alignment/geometry check carried out. The operatives said it needed adjusting, but they could not adjust it enough to get within the limits. They returned the car to it's "before adjustment" state and didn't charge me anything for the check. The car appears to drive ok on the road before and after fitting of new tyres. Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 205/55 R16 V are fitted. Any idea as to why they could not adjust the wheels, what could be the problems and their symptoms, and where would be a decent place to have the alignment checked and rectification work carried out? I live in Spalding, Lincolnshire but work near Henlow, Bedfordshire. Thanks for any advice given.
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