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  1. I did a bit of research on the net and I found this photo which is from dealers servicing software and it looks like I am within spec. ( mine being the 2L rwd.
  2. Hi just had the geometry checked and two parameters still in red as “unadjustable”. Been told some components change needed to sort out but not to worry as it isn’t bad. Car feels very good after the adjustment. SO should I chase it or it’ll be fine?? Any insight? thanks
  3. No lights. It shows the pressures of each wheel as it should.
  4. No worries. Well worth the 2hrs travel for the geometry done the right way . My Alfa has got them TPMS. Will you be able to replace it straight away if(hopefully not) there is a problem with any of them?
  5. It did sit for few months before I bought it. I read somewhere that it is quite common with these F1 EAGLE RUN FLATS. They are marked as OEM for Alfa. Changing tham for Contis this Saturday plus full geometry. At Blackboots obviously .
  6. Hi my tyres developed cracks “inside” the tread. The production date is 33 week of 2017. Goodyear Eagle f1 RUNFLATS. Are they still safe to use? There is about 4,5 mm left. thanks
  7. ok Thank you. I am having geometry checked at your place next weekend . How much do you charge for nitrogen inflation and does it need checking/toping up the sam as air?
  8. Just wasn't sure if it is ok to have them on one axle only.
  9. yes both front tyres are 97 xl instead of 93. I ordered 93 and paid for 93 ......but they fitted 97.. I only realised when I got back home. The tyres where fitted when I had my wheels refurbished and it is a 45 miles drive to get back and I really can't be bothered to go back and get it sorted. If it will not create any stability or esp problems (if it is basically safe) than I leave it as it is. O sorry I just spotted mistake in my post. The oem tyres where 245/40 R18 93 but what I got fitted is 245/40 ZR18 97 XL. So the size is correct just the load index /stiffness isn't.
  10. Hi I had two new tyres fitted but instead of being 245/40 r18 93 they are 245/35 r18 97 extra load. The tyres on the rear axle are OEM size 275/35 r18 95. Is it ok to have xl tyres only on one axle? Also what would be the recommended pressure in the XL tyres? Mercedes recommends 2,1 in both front and rear when normal driving or 2.4 front 2.6 rear when loaded or fast driving. Any suggestions? The car is Mercedes CLS Thank you Tom
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