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  1. Ok cool, I'll have a look at that today. The engine is a Toyota 3SGE Beams. I've added a couple of new pics too.
  2. I'm not sure what dampers we'll be using in the end but for the build i have a set of the bilstein dampers fitted with tanabe springs that came off a Japanese import. I got them for a ripper price on ebay. I'll be picking them up next week. We were planning on setting the car up with identical wheelbase as the mk3 mx5. From some basic measurements and internet researching, it looks to us that they are very similar to start with so wheels should fit pretty well in the arch's. We are working with the idea that mazda engineers have invested a lot more time and money in setting up the mx5 than i will ever have, so i plan to follow their lead and try to set ours up as close as possible. What we are doing is having the bottom of the sill panel about 70mm off the ground and mounting the suspension up in the body at the correct height. This way we can run the car quite low but still keep proper geometry. I'll get some more pics and info together over the weekend so we can work out some reference points to measure off. We will make them such that you can access and measure with the car on a 4 post hoist. If this is no good or if you have any suggestions please let me know. Cheers Tony.
  3. Tony, here is a link to the technical regs for the class we are running. To save a bit of your time, the minimum ground clearance is 40mm, but we wont be quite that low. http://docs.cams.com.au/Manual/Race/RA20-Group-3D-2014-1.pdf
  4. Ok, just a few pics to show where we are up to and what we are doing it to. More info to follow soon.
  5. Thanks Tony, Its mk3, yes i have the complete sub frame assembly including wishbones, uprights, diff, drive shafts etc. It will be used for club level circuit racing. What i will do is subscribe to the forum and post a link to the class regulations and also put up some pics of what we have and were we are up to. I'll get all that sorted tonight after work and look forward to hearing from you soon. Ryan
  6. Hi, following on from my introduction post, regarding fitting nc mx5 suspension to my 1974 corolla race car, i need some accurate measurements of distance between front and rear sub frames, sub frame heights, measurements to set the anti/pro geometry as it was intended, ie, looking from side on, measurements at front and rear of each sub frame, proper designed ride height not referencing guard heights (i dont have an mx5 body shell so unfortunately not much use to me) plus probably a few i cant think of right now. If anyone is in a position to help it would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to pay for your time and expertise of coarse as it is not just a quick measurement here and there. From the looks of it i think this Tony fellow could be the man i'm after. If you or anybody else out the can help, please reply and we can work out some reference points and images to communicate exactly what im after. Thanks in advance. Ryan.
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