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  1. scorps


    I've got a few miles to do after they have been changed so don't want the tyres to suffer before getting to WIM
  2. scorps


    My 5series is having a track rod fitted this week but I'm getting the pair done together (advisory on MOT) this will obviously put the geo out and I can't get to WIM central for at least a couple of weeks and I have a M/Way journey next Saturday so is there specific settings that it needs?
  3. I found a kit on Amazon so ill get the kit when im ready to polish the paint.... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Glass-Polishing-Scratch-Remover-electric/dp/B001THF8KA/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1426101739&sr=8-4&keywords=cerium+oxide+glass+polish thanks.
  4. Cerium Oxide!.....is it readily available, where the best place to get it from? cheers fellas.
  5. Is there a product I can use with a machine polisher to remove stains on the glass, basically it's where I park at work with all the industrial fallout that's in the air and where I don't wash the car as often as I should do. I taped off around the trim and then used a "zero grade" wire wool and then with a Stanley type blade which has removed a lot but the staining is still there slightly. I do know that you can't concentrate in one area for to long as this can make the glas hot and prone to cracking or worst case scenario shattering!! If anyone has any experiences or have come across this problem in the past a pointer in the right direction will be much appreciated.
  6. I gave him the web addy to get the number from and he said he was going to call. His name is Simon.
  7. A mate needs settings if they are available and a local(ish) garage near Caterham Surrey for his BMW 5-Series as Chesham is too far for him, the tight sod😃 Thanks
  8. Well it's my version of detailing...lol I'm going to machine polish the car when it's slightly warmer. The clearcoat was really bad, felt like sandpaper when you rubbed your hand over it! I used bilt hamber medium grade auto clay Which left a super smooth finish, all othe products were auto glym.
  9. Clayed the paint as it was really rough, then onto the engine bay. (File to big to upload) the dirty pic.
  10. RF's are a pain best thing I did was ditch em!
  11. Lovely surroundings that's where my Daughter got married last year, if I can remember the dates count me in.
  12. My old boss was a member, and IIRC it was owned by Damon Hill or at least he had an involvement in it. I see that they are now in Epsom.
  13. scorps

    Geo required

    All sorted and handling as it should, thanks to Tony B for sorting it out for me, I did worry when I saw him under the car with the gas torch on though.
  14. scorps

    Geo required

    I've forgotten how to fill up anyway as I don't visit many petrol stations these days.
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