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  1. What a pain. Looks like it's bent the steel radials
  2. If they don't start really maintaining the roads properly, everyone will have no choice but to drive 4x4's and I don't mean those stupid Chelsea tractor types. Big stinking diesel block and great knobbly tyres that will chew up everything in it's way That'll stuff up the climate control freaks.
  3. Now that's the sort of announcement that'll make those idiots think.
  4. Yup, wonder if he's also the usual type of German car driver that like to get right up my exhaust to force me out of the way. That attitude and those tyres are a lethal combination, usually for someone else.
  5. It's the heraldic emblem for the UK (IIRC) containing English, Scots, Irish and Welsh banners.
  6. I would say in an absolute emergency only.
  7. Looks like he's been chavving it up with his mates in a car park.
  8. I'm a goldsmith, anyone want to spend a few million and I'll get their rims sorted???
  9. Certainly is, this is certainly a case of science fiction becoming fact. Star Treks' sliding doors and communicators. Isaac Asimov's robots (maybe not the first but the most influential)
  10. Yup, even locking up the wheel at 32 secs Just looked again and it looks like it left the tarmac
  11. Were they on runflats??? Extra impact travelling up the shock causing stress fractures.
  12. That's fantastic news but still a long way off from the ideal. One ultimate goal would be a complete robotic body, the other a complete body transplant. Great first steps though
  13. Looks cool but... .... wont the 3 in 1's have less surface contact and hence less grip???
  14. Sounds like a bunch of numpty's on that forum. Bit of string might be okay, if you've got a horse and cart.
  15. Feh, just give it another few PSI, it'll be fine.
  16. So wet grip in Class A could very well be rated Class G for dry grip. Another pointless Euro exercise that's wasting my tax money. Yup what's the point of Class D, it may as well be twice as bad as Class G or better than Class A, completely pointless. I think you've been staring at your computer screen too long and have picked up a computer virus.
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