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  1. JamesV70R

    Then and now?......

    100% photoshopped - just look at how it sits on the ground in the carpark. That whole trailer with 4 cars is only 1 parking bay wide?
  2. JamesV70R

    Nice try moose....

    Used to have a set of these! Prancing Moose. http://puu.sh/zn94u/8b64691be1.jpg
  3. JamesV70R

    Dash cam's......

    Thames valley police know, and I've put a complaint in to Audi themselves - seems the car is for sale at an audi dealer and has been since July. http://www.sytner.co.uk/car-search/7582562-audi-a5/
  4. JamesV70R

    Dash cam's......

    You can see the 30+ seconds before - as I got level with the back of the van he came pelting up behind me, flashing his lights, waving his hands, swerving side to side - the lot. I pulled in at the Smart as it seemed the safest - with his swervig it didn't feel safe to pull in behind it as it looked like he was going to dive around the inside of me - then that happened!
  5. JamesV70R

    Dash cam's......

    I had this fun the other week ...
  6. JamesV70R

    I don't understand the price?.....

    I think it costs to list an item, but not to alter the price. If you put "none in stock" that won't stop people buying them - and if someone pays £18k for it then I'm sure you can find one to send them. Quids in.
  7. Going to take the other viewpoint, purely to kick-start a discussion - what are they going to do about the parents of the child? Yes, he shouldn't have been cycling there, but it isn't entirely his fault. Why did the parents not have a sufficient grasp on their child?
  8. Skynet was more of an AI. That drone firing the gun has a servo pulli g the trigger when you tell it to. Its impossible for it to go rogue and take over the world.
  9. Disapointed. Only 16 .. and a few of those were a bit weak!
  10. JamesV70R

    WIM Window Stickers

    I'll grab a pair too if you're trying to get rid!
  11. Don't worry too much about getting fabric cleaner on glass! I can't see something designed for cleaning fabric doing any damage to something that stops 70+mph of wind and numerous stones from hitting you in the face ... If you get any on the glass, just wipe it off. It'll be like wax manufacturers saying "don't put this on your windows" - I have waxed my rear windows before!
  12. JamesV70R

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    I think this calls for a WIM meet ... !
  13. JamesV70R

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    You could always call the car Billy, and say its his nameplate?
  14. I bet they'll be on air, and will have lowered down for the photo to be taken. Doesn't look to be a lot (if any) motion blur, so they won't be moving particularly quickly.