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  1. The shoes do nothing other than spread the weight? Take a long ruler or plank of wood, put a brick under it at one end (rear wheels) and then about 30% in from the other end (legs). Then, stand on the short end. The whole plank will rotate around the front "legs". The fuel baffles work to stop the liquid sloshing in transit. Here it is stationary, so they won't do anything. The full fuel tanks in the trailer were at the front. As the cab pulls out the weight is too far forward, so the trailer rotates.
  2. A bit like a lever, the legs were the point of rotation, the weight was all above the legs and ahead of it, and overcame the weight of the axles and the rest of the trailer. Fuel is heavier than the air in the back half of the trailer, gravity has no mercy, and that happens.
  3. They didn't fail though, look at them, they're out?
  4. I think its only white because it's silver and the camera hasn't picked it up very well. Plus ... well ... the welds give away it's not fibreglass?
  5. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:Abm7o3IwsQgJ:https://www.cbs46.com/news/fuel-tanker-tips-forward-at-gas-station-in-pike-county/article_9386568b-1807-5b0f-94e3-bf9cf80ba94e.html+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&client=firefox-b-d Thats the article. Have had to go for the google cache version as, due to being in the UK, we can't access the CBS website due to GDPR. Not sure they really understand how it works, but hey.
  6. Remember that you don't buy these watches to wear, rather to sit in a collection for 2-3 years to the be sold on. It's a yes from me though!
  7. No video unfortunately - long since been writen over, but managed to get a few snaps at the time ..
  8. I saw this - joined the M25 at Watford, saw tonnes of flashing lights behind me kept speed low behind the lorry in front of me so I could see that lot catch up - and overtake! Awesome to see!
  9. It says the locks are vulnerable to being sawn - thats wrong surely - it's the steering wheel itself! No way to get round that without fitting the big yellow locks that cover over half the wheel, or a disklok!
  10. 100% photoshopped - just look at how it sits on the ground in the carpark. That whole trailer with 4 cars is only 1 parking bay wide?
  11. Used to have a set of these! Prancing Moose. http://puu.sh/zn94u/8b64691be1.jpg
  12. Thames valley police know, and I've put a complaint in to Audi themselves - seems the car is for sale at an audi dealer and has been since July. http://www.sytner.co.uk/car-search/7582562-audi-a5/
  13. You can see the 30+ seconds before - as I got level with the back of the van he came pelting up behind me, flashing his lights, waving his hands, swerving side to side - the lot. I pulled in at the Smart as it seemed the safest - with his swervig it didn't feel safe to pull in behind it as it looked like he was going to dive around the inside of me - then that happened!
  14. I had this fun the other week ...
  15. I think it costs to list an item, but not to alter the price. If you put "none in stock" that won't stop people buying them - and if someone pays £18k for it then I'm sure you can find one to send them. Quids in.
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