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  1. No, they're real cars and a giant chimp!
  2. Looks like mining equipment - a bit of research suggests its a mine hoist, something like the below ... definitely not on a ship though because of the warehouse walls and how it's embedded in the floor. https://www.siemag-tecberg.de/en/products-solutions/products-detail/products/Product/show/double-drum-blair/
  3. https://eu.beauregarddailynews.net/story/news/2021/05/12/alabama-storms-montgomery-man-survives-tree-crushing-car/4969684001/
  4. It had only recently returned to flight after a rebuild! At least the team have had a "practice run" with the rebuild now and it'll still be fresh in their minds! Hoping theres not too much saltwater damage from only being in the water for a few hours, but I have a feeling it'll be a few years before it's flying again.
  5. Its quite a slow deceleration compared to what you're used to with cars - 35mph - 0mph in ~30 seconds. If you did the same in the car you'd barely notice yourself stopping. It's not going to generate any noticeable g-force. What's most impressive is that it is thousands of tonnes stopping in the same time - imagine the forces on the reverse buckets on the jets. There's a lot of energy being stopped!
  6. I'd like to think the maintenance guys have those wheels mounted on a wall in the workshop somewhere - makes for a great almost unbeleivable story!
  7. I don't think that pic can be from JetBlue 292 as this picture is of the main gear, not the nose gear, and the JetBlue aircraft is blue on the bottom where this is white? I can't find what flight it IS from though .. !
  8. 100% photoshopped. See the blurring at the top of the shoulder on his tshirt as well as to the left of the glass in his hand, and around his belly, the weird lighting around under his arm, his chest if you follow it down for where he's standing would be inside the worktop. Lots more too! There appears to be an elbow there in totally the wrong place ... https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/weakest-man-in-bulgaria
  9. Through the door, probably behind the camera. Its only an aquarium walk-though tunnel with a wall at each end - nothing special. Set of stairs up to surface level, then walk to the beach on a pontoon.
  10. Looked out the window this morning and saw the frost - then was very glad my commute was to the office via the kitchen, in my slippers! Working from home does have its benefits - that normally would have been a 25 minute walk along tree/hedge-lined pavements - super slippery!
  11. Looks like heat - either someone put a red-hot pot/pan on the paint, or a rotary was held in one place for an age. Maybe they put a portable stove up there? The way the paint is blistered all round the edge evenly is odd, as is the smaller burn mark to it's left.
  12. With Admiral my renewal went down by about £20, and was only about £3 more expensive than the cheapest offerings through ComparetheMarket etc, so I let the auto-renew run.
  13. Now this is the kind of "Go Get'um" thinking that would have had HS2 built by now!
  14. I dunno, looks like it's supported on a peice of wood and the body seems pretty level - guessing they've done the same the other side. It's only a few inches up, and its a big 4x4/pickup - slim chance it'll drop far enough (with the wheels on) to cause him any major harm?
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