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  1. Yeap plus gas was what I was thinking, my old man would always use that!
  2. SHAHZ

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Looking really good Tony
  3. Hope so! I put some WD40 in there, but might get another penetrating oil and see how it goes!
  4. Finally got round to adjusting these yesterday, looks like one of them is jammed! With the car not being on axel stands I don’t want to put too much pressure! Cars well over due for geo so will get them adjusted when I come up to WIM!
  5. SHAHZ

    Jaguar XF-R MY2012 5.0

    beautiful car and colour!! Wont be long till your back in a jap motor i reckon
  6. SHAHZ

    Tony's Ferrari F360 blog....

    Can’t you give the pin a couple of firm taps to loosen the clip?
  7. SHAHZ

    Spec me a car vacuum...

    Yeap, am going to upgrade
  8. SHAHZ

    Spec me a car vacuum...

    I agree we have had a couple of these, I think we are on the V6 at the moment, wouldn’t be without it!! Yes the battery life is not huge, but it’s not meant to be a replacement for a full size vac, but for in between use. That said, I’m able to vac the whole of the Chrysler and the Mats is one charge!
  9. I just got that insecure message on the phone, I’ve had to switch to full view to post
  10. SHAHZ

    My E60 530i

    In July, Thames water were fitting water meters on the road, they sent out letters in advance etc, however as i already one, didn't pay no attention! Got home in evening to they had left a nice gift of mud and scratches.... was fuming and wasn't until later in the evening that I thought to check the CCTV, where I found they dropped the barrier on the car when doing the neighbours meter. Typical, mrs was home all day and they came and knocked 2 mins after she popped out, they started the work regardless She told me when she got home, they had piled up what they dug out right in front of the car as high as the bonnet, watching the cctv, they dig very deep and the guy was pushing and shoving the shovel everywhere! They paid for the bumper respray and whilst it was in got the bonnet resprayed and wind blended!
  11. SHAHZ

    Rich's 2003 Honda Accord 2.4 Tourer Auto

    Gotta always have cable ties in the tool box!!
  12. They certainly ain’t cheap anymore, for a cooper they are £5/6k plus now, I would never have thought it!
  13. SHAHZ

    Jaguar XF-R MY2012 5.0

    Oh man gutted to read this As smartly says is it still under warranty, main dealer cover is generally pretty comprehensive.