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  1. It's fine Tony, you have the empire of WIM and BB to look after. Jay looked after my car and I watched your mahoosive TV in the reception, plus I had 4G reception in the workshops to keep me occupied on the phone. Usual bed in rules apply, I'm not going to go too mad, driving characteristics of the car have also changed to I'll go easy, see you sooner rather than later.
  2. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the thread, great to see the forum community so active and helpful. I popped into the boys at Blackboots, lightining fast service, decided to stay out of the way as they were very busy, the phone was going crazy and they had loads of customers (that's a good thing) I went with the Vreds, the guy at BB runs them on his powerful car and another four were going on another Golf, the guys here also know their stuff, compared to other tyre centres I'd phoned who didn't even know the brand. Initial Feedback: The steering is a lot lighter, nice feel, lots of grip, I don't who fitted the last tyres but they did a bad job because I had vibrations, stiff handling and struggled to park the car at times, now I've got less road noise and the car responds better - imagine what it will be like when I get the geometry done next year. Top work by the boys at BB/WIM.
  3. I haven't been to the WIM forum in ages, it's good to be back. I used to own a highly modified MK2 MX5 and RX7, Tony and the WIM guys worked on the alignment and fitted tyres on both of them. The 5 started to rust and the large fuel tank on the 7 was hitting the wallet - so I sold up and bought a MK5 Golf GTi. It's a great little car, I'm leaving it stock but the options for tyres worse than the 5 and because there's SO many owners, so I've two questions: 1) What is a good tyre for a MK5 Golf GTi? -- I've heard good things about Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta, the Michelin Pilot Sport 3's and Goodyear Eagle Asymetric's are good, but looking for an all rounder, not just a summer tyre. 2) Some owners are saying, move the rear tyres to the front and replace the backs? .... but the fronts drive the car, so why do the backs, I know there's an argument for both. The tyres depth are getting low, the gang at BB/WIM won't be happy when they see them, so any advice would be appreciated as they'll need replacing very soon.
  4. My Dad has just bought a Subaru Legacy GTB and it had the same problem, the discs warp very quickly on these cars even if you can't see the normal signs, it's a very well known quirk of these cars. Check out http://www.ukleagacy.com for my information. Take care and good luck......
  5. Sorry for the long absence, sorting out my house in the evenings is a long and boring process so hardly been on the net in the evenings. My Dad has ditched his troublesome Hyundai Sonata and bought a decent car (well in my eyes) it's a Subaru Legacy GT Twin Turbo Estate, a 1996 edition and it's a peach of a car. It's now got four new tyres which were on the car when we bought it, but can the geometry be fettled with on this car. It's a great handler, I just wondered if you guys could make it any better?
  6. juzzyp

    Help With MX5

    Phil S - I own a 1999 MK2 MX5 which has been slightly modified (well more than slightly) and after I had the suspension done I've been taking it to Tony ever since, his fast road settings are very good, I'm really due a checkup very soon. Get a set of Toyos on it as well or a set Goodyear F1s although they are becoming very rare at the mo. Sorry for the plug - have you popped along to http://www.mx5nutz.com/forum - if not please pop along soon.
  7. My Dad has a P plate Hyundai Sonata which is his daily dog, with an automatic gearbox. The engine is a Mitshubishi unit 3.0 litre V6 and it's done about 90,000 miles now, lots of daily driving, occasionally ragged when warm and it's developed a problem. When driving along the car will basically judder like the engine is cutting out, it'll do this hot / cold / warm, long run, short run, it'll appear sometime and it'll happen for a few seconds and go away again. Our main mechanic has tried everything and it's simply not worth putting it into a stealership and it will cost more to fix than the car is worth I just wondered if anyone had any ideas. All I can think is injectors or ECU?
  8. Is this the car I saw where you had to "jounce" the chassis - I love the Americans just for phrases like that.
  9. Looks like BBC News are doing a live ongoing feature on under-inflated or over-inflated tyres this morning their coming live from a garage in Solihull to do 3 or 4 minute peices into the show, of course I can't help thinking everyone will be panicking after watching this feature. If only they did their research and found WIM, I would've loved to see Tony and the new workshop on live TV, this all depends whether he wanted half the fuss of having a sat truck and getting up at stupid o'clock. They even did a stroll poll of drivers on the M6 and the pressures were all over the shot. Either underinflated tyres or "seriously" over-inflated tyres. Makes you think!
  10. If you like gear changing ALOT drive an S2000, I never had to rag the nutz off something to get the performance out of it. A real brute of a car that's a tad twitchy. MX5 is a lot slower of course but less working the gears and it feels better to drive, although looks wise the S2000 does have it. Pop on www.s2ki.com - they are a great bunch of people.
  11. I wish I had the video but Fifth Gear did a small bit on tyres last. They got hold of a VW Polo (no ABS, extra safety) just the presenter (tosspot Tim Shaw) would control the braking. They then brought some Continentals (premium) Fuldas? (budget) part worns (super budget) and carried out some breaking tests on a wet surface from 70mph. He'd then proceed to drive at 70mph and brake at a certain point and of course there was an obstacle which was a fruit stall. They carried out the test a numerous number of times and found from the same point nothing we didn't know already. Contis stopped furthest away, Fuldas coming in second, with the part worns litterally touching the fruit stall. Not too convinced as it is TV and I know things can be edited and prepped for camera. What do you reckon or did anyone see it?
  12. In all fairness the the Clio Cup I know it's not a well advertised sport, in fact when I went to a few races, then when I read next weeks Autosport it only gave a small amount of coverage to it, in fact a small box with the results?! I don't think (if that's what you're after as I know there's other benefits from working on the car) would give WIM much coverage. This is based on my experience of the sport many years ago so posters feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. (takes blunt media reality hat off) As for the car, it's down to you, would it give you a significant challenge to support the car in the close season as that's when most development will happen with tweaks while the car is racing.
  13. I'd also make the journey to go and see Tony, first place I went to scared me off and I'm glad I went to see Mr Bones in Watford. mepb it also might be worth mentioning that you might want to check your car into Performance 5 (near West Drayton or Uxbridge) I don't work for them but they've worked on my car and spotted many "main dealer" mistakes including a lot of botches during servicing, I know Tony won't mind me plugging P5 as he knows Phil he runs the place, they are very experienced mechanics who can help you out. They are MX5 specialists.
  14. Well once Tony gets through all these cars I'll have to bring the RX7, MX5 for a tune up and EVEN (sorry Tony! nothing exciting) the family Peugeot 205 which feels like a bloody bus to drive. I might just pop into nose around and see whats going on.
  15. I think Fifth Gear would take a deep interest in this story as they do this kind of thing (yes I know it's not the best motoring program in England) but it would get more notice for people!
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