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  1. Surely that should be :- "Left hand down a bit..."? I guess that most of the valve labels wererusted away or dirt covered...
  2. Most of the hand sanitiser gels have a high alcohol content - among other ingredients... There were a number of incidents where people were stealing the gel from dispensers for "home use" - either distilling the ethanol off or simply drinking it. I suppose it's the equivalent of the old Meths drinkers. Never mind the taste, feel the alcohol! Colin
  3. I thought that, but I think you would want the front wheel to bite into the surface when braking. So you have driving wheel to bite when poewr applied, front whel to bite when braking
  4. No mudguard! (I'd want one made from thick steel to ride that!)
  5. The term is "loading gauge" for a particular line. It includes not only the height and width of bridges and tunnels, but also the curve radii (especially if combined with a tunnel) to make sure that the train can clear any obstruction - including the platforms (remember the tube & "mind the gap!"). It should also include the weight limitation of the track and its bed - mainline routes are much more expensive to maintain and build than "light railway" tracks). I suspect that the US goods trains are so large that it's easy to miss a small detail.
  6. From the numberplate of the other car, I'd guess this is not in the UK (nor probably the EU!). I'd hate to be a passenger in the front seat in a minor shunt - there is no seatbelt... I suspect that the structural integrity is severely compromised - rather like the old UK convertible saloons that were created by removing the roof - and not adding structural reinforcements (e.g. Hilmann Minx IIRC!) Colin
  7. IIRC from my '68 Beetle, there's only one carb, sitting on top of the engine (flat 4, so masses of piping!) He's about 4 inches away from the generator/fan belt, but you can reach the accelerator cable...
  8. Just seen this - Is that tyre legal in the US? there's just about no tread pattern left. Any ideas? Colin
  9. Or just maybe not .... https://hoaxeye.com/2017/09/07/low-flying/ Who need Photoshop!
  10. Not used the rear brakes for some time! Possible side-swipe to a kerb...
  11. Helmsman put the helm over to turn to starboard (the right looking at the front of the ship)... However, a ship (or any boat with a rudder) - will always "run wide" - in this case, the bow turns to starboard, and the stern swings to port. Basically, the ship will pivot about the centre. Put it down to helmsman training - possibly (from RYA instructors' facebook) the bridge is quite far forward, so it isn't as obvious as normal what's happening behond! Colin
  12. Most of the superglues will dissolve in hot water (over a shortish time) - Sikkaflex is superb, but it is white. It is also fairly easy to remove from a hard surface (used in my sailing dinghy - and it lasts years). Check with a good bathroom supplier if they have a clear silicone adhesive type suitable. Colin
  13. Restricted visibility sound signals:- One long blast every 2 minutes when underway ... And you're waiting for someone else's sound signal... That from the "Regulations for the avoidance of collisions at sea" - normally call the "Collision Regs"! Glad you had a good time, coming back with a good family time. Colin ps - the fog horns from a lighthouse were louder - but they decided that they aren't needed nowadays
  14. Little bit of on-line research:_ Track Mustangs The consensus on that board is that the seatbelts were not the genuine article, but a less expensive copy. Of course, you only find out when it's a bit too late... Colin
  15. Do check your car handbook - some of the classic cars/old models don't like ethanol. It can affect the fuel lines (the flexible ones) and some seals... Colin
  16. But look at the incentive to not fall off! "Fear adds wings …"
  17. IF you look at the bogey furthest away, it's actually created deep scores in the tarmac surface. It's not on a set of rails. The front bogey is located on rails. Assume the tramcar was travelling left to right, something else was moving from back to front (as we see the picture). That would :- a) damage the front left of the tram (as photo) b) impart a torque on the tram to turn the front towards us and the rear away (clockwise from the top) Let's assume the driver hit the emergency brakes, than the weight transfer would be rear to front, an impact would also raise the rear of the tram, allowing the wheels to jump the rails. Once the wheels are free of the rails, the bogey will rotate to the least resistance - i.e parallel to the direction of travel. It also looks like the bogeys have been displaced from their normal positions (the trams leaning)...
  18. It's a bit offset for the ejector seat.... Mind you, it would come in hand for escaping when you have a flash flood.
  19. When I had my Morris Minor, I contacted Dunlop regarding the age of the tyres. Back in last century, they only used a 2 digit code, so they could tell me that they were 10, 20 or 30 years' old, but not which... They looked OK, but the tread had hardened to the point that I could do Doughnuts quite easily on damp roads. They didn't lask. The Nankings I tried weren't much better, but the Kuhmos were OK... And yes, I was using radials, not the crossply (the Insurers didn't seem upset!). Colin
  20. I see an insurance claim coming.... "Honest, it just burst into flames and is now a total write-off."
  21. It's not in a condition to meet the MOT requirements (you have to maintain the car - i.e. if the lights are wrenched off, then they need to be replaced). However:- 1) The sign is "Village Gasoline" on the pump - this suggests it in the US - and I've no idea what regulations apply there.... 2) It may be legal in the UK - if you have booked an MOT test and are driving the most direct route to the testing station (but no deviations), then you can drive a car without an MOT. Driving to a repair shop is a bit dodgier - you may have invalidated your insurance by not haveing the car in "a roadworthy condition"...
  22. 0W viscosity is the flow time at zero Centigrade thought a standard orifice. The "0" means that the time isn't measureable. 0W-16 has been around for a while, especially in areas which have significantly cold winters.
  23. I'd guess that the tanker is sub-divided ito smaller tanks - you'll need some baffles in it anyway (just think of the handling if 5000 l of anything started to slosh around!) All you need to do is to empty the sub-tanks in the wrong order - though why there's no tractor unit is a good question...
  24. Looks like a pretty severe case of "hoof-in" at the front.... Not quite sure how you'll do the adjustment, but I think that it needs a couple of new tie rods at the front to sort out the power train alignment.
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