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  1. My dog Bella is ready๐Ÿ˜
  2. It looks like a good build, not sure where to drivers right leg would go?... Obviously it can't lean on corners, so i think the handling is going to be pants.
  3. Spot on. well done. Exactly why the brakes are from a BMX i would love to know?
  4. All that custom work and a very worrying error......
  5. I suppose not since to coils is intact.... I'm imprest he got them in there.
  6. I suppose it was the fur that brought them to extinction.... Looks bloody angry to me....
  7. I think it's way to heavy...
  8. ๐Ÿ˜„... I think you're right about that.......
  9. I just don't get it?... This muppets' life is destroyed due to i assume drugs...
  10. Pink?, as if it wasn't enough this Jag has Merc wheels on it?
  11. We have it easy... Back in the day you would have to advance/ retard the ignition, control the fuel pressure and other things just to get it running. You can see some controls did survive to the present day.
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