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  1. Tony

    2011 Mini Cooper

    Any noises, thuds, bangs on bump?
  2. Tony

    2011 Mini Cooper

    Other than the tyres, they are a nice car. A bit like the Tardice they are bigger inside than they look.
  3. Warning, this is very addictive. https://www.formacar.com/en/configurator.html
  4. Can you spot the ugly in this....
  5. The issue with the 200/ 300 is not the discs, it's the drive flange
  6. I like the 6... They do have an adjustable chassis but rarely needs adjusting.
  7. Can i have the index number so i can identify the chassis.
  8. Point to note is lowering coils have to be a higher rate so you then have issues with rebound via the dampers. coilovers are the best option, but they are far from cheap.
  9. Plenty of polish should help there, but i think the look is worth it.
  10. I think it's stunning, i really like the wheels and depth of polish
  11. Why not fuse them rather than bolts..... I just don't get it?
  12. Now where did i put that 10mm socket?
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