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    Yes..... and it explains why when you alter one side of the car the transfer adds load elsewhere so the knock continues...were does it end?
  2. Tony


    The 'knock' seems to be a common complaint on most coilovers, do you know why?... what's causes the noise? If i were to spend £1000 on a set and it made the car sound like a 'brass band' i would not be at all happy. Also the damping ratio at 100/75 on the IS.. is very different to the 80/60 on the MR2 is this due to engine position or something else?
  3. I think this is a very good idea!... it would be wise to support the evolution of the car since this does include suspension and ultimately Geometry... Engine modifications must then require progressive development in sway bars, adjustable drop links, coil rates, strut braces and so on. Scarface can we act on this suggestion.
  4. Tony


    Indeed you are well aware my understanding of coilovers 'the set-up' is somewhat...... limited In explanation my work has been to recover the consequence not fit the product. Neil you have worked with me in this area many times, i personally feel a one-to-one session in the new centre would complete my understanding, but other people without that privilege would value your guidance.
  5. Now that makes sense.. i assume then it's a simple case of removing the return feed, and keep topping up the reservoir.... but do you need to turn the steering left and right during the process?
  6. Tony


    Balance is everything between rate and reaction.....method is an art! Setting the coils commands understanding, even i struggle with this one, any education here would be welcomed!
  7. I will come with you next time & you can hide behind me Care to share?
  8. Well if this is true...sobeit....but i am not satisfied....... We all know there are deliberate methods to replace fluids within the car, albeit oil or radiator.... the steering fluid has a 'use by date' so i assume there is a method to renew (all) the fluid not just the reservoir.....see my point!
  9. STS is closing/moving by August...... whatever i will not be part of the move!...team LOC have helped me develop my own interests in an area i understand... if i have to go anywhere i will go it alone..... not literally but in the format that endorses all you can see in wim!
  10. Knowledge base is valuable but this is not the area i intended.... is there a bleed valve on the rack that allows the fluid to be flushed 'through' the internal transfer valves and associated plumbing? rather than just the reserve reservoir.
  11. The images were a little 'wide'... they knocked my speakers off But hay.. .the body/trim height is ok (just) give me a ring when you feel ready.....
  12. An IS200 had real problems with the steering not returning when deviated to the right...Geo was set and ok... tyres and suspension were checked and ok.....baffled i suggested the power steering fluid should be 'flushed'... the car went into Lexus and they did the deed.... now the problem has gone ..steering is now light and returns as it should... the cost i am not sure... What i would like to know is 'how' do you 'flush' the power steering?... are there do's and dont's if yes what are they?
  13. Mike the only thing that will keep that on the road is an 'Anchor'..... and i bet you would have that 'up-rated'
  14. Tony

    Drift and Geometry

    Good for you!... this site is devoted to every area that captivates Geometry... best part is there is no 'barrier' team wim are not in competition so evolution of Geometry and development of suspension is not bias.... For the record 'sleepyhead' most of the members here have 'Massive' understanding of all things mechanical.. this delivers a real edge compared to other forums.
  15. Last year i was asked to write and then position the Geom on the lead car for Drift Academy UK.... after some research i realized the positions are secret or deliberately miss-guiding so i wrote my own positions without guidance in a new sport..... in truth i got it very wrong.... mistake was i made the car 'to safe'..... Never one to give up, silently in between all other work i have made deliberate attempts to monitor 'chat' in other forums. (one year in the watching) What i would like to happen here is 'Drift talk' without the 'i know best' attitude seen in other forums....since even the smallest question was deliberate and doesn't deserve to be 'cut down' One area i was involved in was Castor and how this will directly change the TOOT (toe out in turns) time and time again i was told....... it makes no difference blar blar...... a few weeks later there was an image of a car with a 90 degree lock (inside wheel) imposable you may think.... So from the bottom up Drift talk and associated Geometry is home here and i welcome all topics however small.
  16. Good idea......ultimately after all the modifications are done then it's Geometry time..... and the mods do have a bearing on the positions.
  17. Tony

    Track use

    Would be nice... but not now?... when the new centre is opened it would look like 'jap fess', all the clubs will be invited and it should be a brilliant meet...
  18. Janey is a 'star'... an ambassador for the club...... in fact i think there is a hint of a meet at the new WIM centre when it opens this summer for the MX5 club, ...... obviously Janey is involved..... She can cut the ceremomial tape
  19. Tony

    Track use

    Hemel Hempstead Herts........ nor east of the Buncefield Creature
  20. £30 is the average in the UK for front wheel Alignment..... Mike what i would love people to say if offed Alignment is....... Align the wheels to what?....... 99% of 'crap fit fitters' will not be able to answer..... Then tell them to........... 'go away'
  21. Tony

    Track use

    Remote positions are extremely hard to calculate... for the likes of jap Devil i have mathed the positions and it takes hours......on paper. My new machine will do the maths for me 'instantly'.....but for know it is wise to develop existing 'proven' positions to suit you and the car.
  22. Tiss the whole point.... this 'gray area' is smothered by the industry.... 'Alignment' is a quick fix (for them).. Peter you are a perfect example of how 'Geometry' hurts people.... it sounds so complicated.. and it is in certain areas but 'Domestically' it's not!....... having experienced the before and after results you are 'qualified' to advise ...... Welcome to the team ... ok... but your experience is valuable for other members suffering similar experiences.
  23. Various methods are described to encourage you to resolve tyre wear or handling issues, additionally members in forums are keen to advise but often fall victim to the same miss-information, read carefully and stay ahead of 'alignment the big con' Tracking/Alignment Is linear, this measurement shows no concern for any other angle. This form of measurement is the most common in the World and the most damaging. Angles measured 1 Four wheel Alignment Uses the rear wheels as a scale to centre the steering rack.... then the front toe..... this is better but is assuming the rear is centred. Angles measured 2 Four wheel Laser Alignment Same as above.... be wise! Geometry/Primary Will image the exact rear centre line to permit a centred steering wheel.. additionally the front and rear camber positions will be measured. This is the most common form of Geometry and i consider this as 'basic' Angles measured 8 Full Geometry/primary and Secondary Is absolute but harder to understand. Few places even with the equipment measure the Secondary angles, these include... Castor KPI/SJI/SAI Scrub radius included angle TOOT/Ackerman Delta curve and so on Most areas that involve rapid tyre wear or handling issues need to be read from the 'Secondary' data, even more important if the car has been modified or for diagnostics after an accident. Angles measured 15+ Not easy reading indeed, millions of pounds change hands every day for 'Alignment', a need to be wise could save you £ssss One more thing to make the 'blood boil'.. The Primary and secondary Geometry has a customer destination? 1: Primary is the 'dumb' customer version 2: Secondary is with held unless requested and named the 'Technicians version.
  24. Actually your analogy is very true.. BMW MERC AUDI.... all need to be loaded and carry a full fuel tank.... even the rad has to be checked and topped up?.... 'pants' is'nt it!
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