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  1. yep.. indeed. Well at least I have somewhere I can go that I trust now... (Watford is a bit of a trek for me ) thanks again guys!
  2. many thanks to you guys... I now have a vibration-free super-smooth car again!!! I found a Pirelli Performance Centre not too far away, and went there with your comments... turns out my wheels were supplied with the wrong nuts, no spigot rings, and had been balanced appalingly!! (they showed me one, which was actually BETTER balanced once they'ed REMOVED the weights that had been put on it!! yikes!) ...so it cost me a fair bit (new nuts, rings, full 'positional-balance' on studs).. but it worked!! yipeeeee! The guy was also very helpful and explained the whole lot, and obviously knew what he was talking about, and actually cared, which most tyre-fitting places just don't seem to do. so, a big thankyou to you all again!!
  3. my car uses 4-stud hubs.... can this contraption be adjusted somehow to fit 4-stud applications?
  4. good idea.. but easier said than done!! nearly all the tyre-fitting places round here seem to be staffed almost exclusively by primates of either the chimpanze of orangutan variety.... and aren't very helpful with such things! I will endeavour this weekend however.. and report back!
  5. thanks for all the help guys.... much appreciated! I will do as you've suggested and get the wheels re-checked at a different place, and have a look for wheel-bearing/trackrod-end issues... just out of interest, how would an ARB drop-link cause a vibration? oh, and is that countach yours ?!?!?!? p.s. that's a very tidy looking tubby Jon!
  6. hello there.. I went to the chemix autocentre in halesowen after it was recommended here.. and was very satisfied with the job they did on my alignment however, after a day at curborough (spent mostly sideways ), I have ever since had a reasonably severe vibration through the steering wheel at 60 - 80mph.. and the car pulls ever-so-slightly to the left... could geometry being pulled out of whack cause this? I've checked tyres, and had the front wheels balanced, and all is fine in that respect.. and I'm not sure what else it could be.. obviously the 'pull' to the left is likely to be slightly 'off' geometry, but could the vibration through the wheel be this too?? ...awaiting your expert advice... Piers
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