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  1. shame he can't do a rally stage without dumping the thing on it's roof....
  2. http://vimeo.com/27455051 Looked like a blast.
  3. Yeah bouy, in yo neighbourhood, rockin' yo world etc Please wait a few moments for Video to Load! Actually I would have buzzed off of this no problem. I've literally only ever seen one ther S12, and that was passing through Chesham strangley enough. Also that red one is wearing Euro market mk1 tail-lights that I sent out to the owner (a Mexican kid). He absolutly loves 'em lol.
  4. CIH

    CIH's S12 Silvia

  5. Topical photos + photoshop + a comedian = photoshoplooter
  6. Pukka historic racing '65 Mustang
  7. http://kimjongillookingatthings.tumblr.com/ etc
  8. IMO, nope. Any surface finish is liable to stone chips etc and once moisture gets under it's only a matter of time.
  9. not to mention the f50 got it's head kicked-in by the McLaren F1
  10. I don't think Sciroccos had crumble zones. EuroNCap sayz -50 4 U.
  11. That was ok. If it had fired the car like 30ft in the air it would have been awesome.
  12. Peep this then homeboys; A piece of history. An icon of 1980s Turbo Coupe awesomesauce. The car men and boys would dream of........but enough about my Silvia. Check out the F40. And one for Joey's Facebook page;
  13. RockAuto, and I have a buddy who is sponsored by a Nissan dealership. The SolCal guys are handy as they hve massive scrap yards in a dry climate
  14. American parts prices are absurdly cheap but the shipping can wipe out alot of the savings. I buy lots of stuff over there.
  15. Yeah diesels run on compression and the heat the process generates so it becomes self-sustaining untill the oil is burnt away and the engne goes boom. Petrols can do the same ie; keep running with the ignition off and it's called "dieseling"
  16. Crazy to think they had a balanced budget only 10 years ago.....just before Bush was voted in........twice........
  17. CIH

    Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD

    It is really old.
  18. Another Mustang Cobra. This is from the mid-90s. I likes it.
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