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  1. Sagitar as always the voice of REASON. My Silvia is the perfct habitat for spiders - it's always full of the buggers and their webs.
  2. Don't think that's Garage D, logo is burred but it doesn't look like Julian's. It's also in Thailand. "xxD" is quite a popular name in the Japanese tuning world.
  3. You guys have no idea. That is a seriously PIMP motor. That would be perfect for crusing over to the westside to make war on them foo's who be beaten on yer hoes. Gangsta.
  4. I think it's an old/er JDM Allstars (now Drift Allstars) promo vid.
  5. Please wait a few moments for Video to Load! Fun short drift video from Neuton Tyres. I was pointed toward this video as an example as to how a deeeper rear -ve camber can aid in drifting.
  6. We had a local with a 172 and TBH there was some movement to be had but not a great deal
  7. Geez Rich you don't half fuss over your motors eh ? I wouldn't have even noticed untill it stopped working altogether. I spent the whole summer with a wonky brake light becaue I coudn't be arsed to change it. Become a bit of a running joke when I was on the club for Mantas....
  8. Where the wheel mounts to the hub isn't a bad idea. Not unusual for alloy wheels to be stuck on, or older steelies to rust insitu.
  9. all the time. Lots of tread left there too. Not taken long to do that! As I understand it legal tread needs to cover at least 2/3's of the tyre? So they would still be legal? Probably as there's no cord showing but they would have made an apearance soon enough plus the carcas has clealy collapsed.
  10. http://vimeo.com/28544156 I've nothing to really add, just watch the video.
  11. CIH

    CIH's S12 Silvia

    Hey ER you should see the parts stash I've got on the go upstairs near Bonsey's desk. He'll have to shift up tho, I need the room.
  12. CIH

    CIH's S12 Silvia

    Actually, that would be quite handy....
  13. CIH

    CIH's S12 Silvia

    ENGRISH MUTHER******! Do you speak it ?? I have no idea what that bit of dodgy Japanese/English is supposed to mean but it is JDM TYTE (yo). Also buzz the spec homeboys; 16x8 Forged FTW......um, in 1989......
  14. If it's stuck open it would take the car unusually long to get up to temperature. Or, as with my Silvia, it would never get above one quarter warm/
  15. CIH

    CIH's S12 Silvia

    R32 GTR 16x8s. Yah.
  16. so you're Prius is a girl is it ? I notice you're still a ways off getting the offical mpg out of it tho ?
  17. Damn-it man, I don't want to hear problems! I want solutions! SOLUTIONS!
  18. http://vimeo.com/28343146
  19. hey Mr Computer Internet Admin Dude how about a vimeo inbed code eh ? :bananapopcorn:
  20. here's another video for joo http://www.vimeo.com/27872997
  21. The British Drift Championship rocked up to "knockers" for round 4. http://vimeo.com/28098132 A win for our man Matt Carter who still leads the championship. :bananapopcorn:
  22. CIH


    There's no camber adjustent from factory. I imagine it would mean adjustable balljoints or even importing kits from america so an image first is a good idea.
  23. "Bitchin' ride. 'didn't realise it came in banana" lol sorry that line was in a film I'm watching right now. Anyhoo, I eally disliked these when new but they're growing on me.
  24. Nah I'm not registered on youtube. I wasn't being totally serious, though he does crash an awful lot......or come last....
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