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  1. Tony9r

    Auto hubs

    The hub probably just needs a thorougher strip down/clean and re-build. As i Sunday project this is quite easy, i foresee no real problems mate. Thanks mate
  2. Tony9r

    Auto hubs

    Hi all, Just got myself a 1991 Daihatsu Sportrak... but the 4WD isn't working The transfer box is engaging, but the front wheels are still free-wheeling. Apparently if the 4WD hasn't been used for a while, the auto hubs get stuck. Is there a procedure for freeing them off again?
  3. Tony9r

    Steering wheel position

    "ever seen an old mini 'crabbing'?"... that is so funny when I get behind one doing that
  4. Tony9r

    Modifications and the law

    Excluding actual DB measurements, the exhaust should sound 'similar' to the original factory fitment. Other than that a loud exhaust could just make you a target for the law.... to be fair some owners do abuse the noise to the max. "the exhaust should sound 'similar' to the original factory fitment..." Mmmmm, that would be 0DB then My intention was never to abuse the law, just wanted to be different... approaching my 40's ( ), i'm not your typical "boy-racer" any more - hence I drive a Lexus
  5. Tony9r

    Modifications and the law

    I still worry about my exhausts as they're rather loud . Had the police behind me a couple of times, so I have to take it really steady with the gas... would/could they pull me?