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  1. Never been on a cruise myself, my sister has several times, probably one of them thing, until you try it yourself you'll only know
  2. I had a FTO auto once, and the gearbox was stuck in 3rd gear, got on to someone who knows about FTOs and 1st question he asked was, has the battery gone flat ? well yes it needed a new one as car had been stirring in a garage for sometime, he said put new battery on, drive the car 125k and it will reset it's self, i thought yer right, but i tried and it worked, happy days as i had bought it with gearbox problem so got it cheap
  3. If you buy Genuine parts and get independent garage (vat reg) to do the work, the warranty should still be ok
  4. Congratulations on the new car Tony enjoy it mate
  5. My boss get this smell every time he leave his car at work he leaves his car in work car park when he has to go over to Germany every few weeks
  6. Seen this lots of times at my mates garage with Mercs, the smaller one's are really bad
  7. I had a white 2.8 one back in the day STILL REMEMBER THE reg C111 CNW
  8. Dean had one from new, he got rid as soon as he could afford to, i think his reason for getting was " the wife liked it" and was cheap at the time.
  9. Yes Tony, Nissan plastic seems so so thin and cheap to me
  10. Rich http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rubber-pad-block-hydraulic-ramp-jacking-pads-trolley-jack-adapter-small-classic-/272083962090?hash=item3f5977c8ea:g:2FgAAOSwAKxWbFfn
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